Federal Aviation Administration November 22, 2017 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Special Conditions: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Model MRJ-200 airplane; Design Roll Maneuver for Electronic Flight Controls
Document Number: 2017-25019
Type: Rule
Date: 2017-11-22
Agency: Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation
These special conditions are issued for Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (Mitsubishi) Model MRJ-200 airplanes. These airplanes will have a novel or unusual design feature when compared to the state of technology envisioned in the airworthiness standards for transport category airplanes. This design feature is an electronic flight-control system (EFCS) that provides control of the airplane through pilot inputs to the flight computer. The applicable airworthiness regulations do not contain adequate or appropriate safety standards for this design feature. These special conditions contain the additional safety standards that the Administrator considers necessary to establish a level of safety equivalent to that established by the existing airworthiness standards.
Airworthiness Directives; Various Aircraft Equipped With BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG 912 A Series Engine
Document Number: 2017-25005
Type: Proposed Rule
Date: 2017-11-22
Agency: Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation
We propose to adopt a new airworthiness directive (AD) for various aircraft equipped with a BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co. KG (formerly BRP- Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG; Bombardier-Rotax GmbH & Co. KG; Bombardier- Rotax GmbH) 912 A series engine. This proposed AD results from mandatory continuing airworthiness information (MCAI) originated by an aviation authority of another country to identify and correct an unsafe condition on an aviation product. The MCAI describes the unsafe condition as defective valve push-rod assemblies manufactured from June 8, 2016, through October 2, 2017. We are issuing this proposed AD to require actions to address the unsafe condition on these products.
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