Army Department October 4, 2006 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Notice of Intent To Prepare a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on Rock Mining in Wetlands in the Lake Belt Region of Miami-Dade County, FL
Document Number: 06-8476
Type: Notice
Date: 2006-10-04
Agency: Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, Engineers Corps, Army Department
The U.S. Army corps of Engineers (Corps) Jacksonville District intends to prepare a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) to evaluate potential impacts of further rock mining within wetlands in western Miami-date county, FL. The original EIS, The Rock Mining- Freshwater Lakebelt Plan Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, issued in May 2000 focused on the potential impacts of a 50-year mining plan within the Lake Belt area. After evaluating the EIS, the Corps issued a Record of Decision and permits that allowed mining within a smaller, 10-year plan in April 2002. The Corps decision was challenged in United States District Court and the Court's Order on Motions for Summary Judgement was issued on March 22, 2006 as part of Case No. 03- 23427-CIV-HOEVELER, United States District Court Southern District of Florida. The decision instructed the Corps to engage in additional analyses of rock mining in the Lake Belt region. Accordingly, the Corps is preparing this SEIS.
Army Educational Advisory Committee
Document Number: 06-8475
Type: Notice
Date: 2006-10-04
Agency: Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Army Department
In accordance with section 10(a)(2) of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (5 U.S.C. App.1), announcement is made of the following committee meeting. Name of Committee: U.S. Army War College Subcommittee of the Army Education Advisory Committee. Dates of Meeting: October 26, 2006 and October 27, 2006. Place of Meeting: U.S. Army War College, 122 Forbes Avenue, Carlisle, PA, Command Conference Room, Root Hall, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania 17013. Time of Meeting: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Proposed Agenda: Receive information briefings; conduct discussions with the Commandant and staff and facility; table and examine online College issues; assess resident and distance education programs, self- study techniques, assemble a working group for the concentrated review of institutional policies and a working group to address committee membership and charter issues; propose strategies and recommendations that will continue the momentum of federal accreditation success and guarantee compliance with regional accreditation standards.
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