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Notice of Amended Final Results in Accordance With Court Decision: Heavy Forged Hand Tools, Finished or Unfinished, With or Without Handles, From the People(s Republic of China
Document Number: E8-4128
Type: Notice
Date: 2008-03-04
Agency: Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration
On November 20, 2007, the U.S. Court of International Trade (``CIT'') sustained the remand redetermination issued by the Department of Commerce (``the Department'') pursuant to the CIT's remand of the final results of the twelfth administrative review of the antidumping duty orders on heavy forged hand tools from the People's Republic of China (``PRC''). See Shandong Huarong Machinery Co. Ltd., Shandong Machinery Import & Export Corporation, Liaoning Machinery Import & Export Corporation, and Tianjin Machinery Import & Export Corporation v. United States, Slip Op. 07-169 (CIT, 2007) (``Shandong Huarong II''). The CIT issued the public version of Shandong Huarong II on January 8, 2008. The period of review (``POR'') for the twelfth review is February 1, 2002, through January 31, 2003. In its redetermination, the Department assigned dumping margins to sales of (1) bars/wedges by Shandong Huarong Machinery Corporation Limited (``Huarong''); (2) bars/wedges by Liaoning Machinery Import & Export Corporation/Liaoning Machinery Import & Export Corporation Ltd. (collectively ``LMC/LIMAC''); (3) bars/wedges by Shandong Machinery Import & Export Corporation (``SMC''); and (4) axes/adzes, bars/wedges, hammers/sledges, and picks/mattocks by Tianjin Machinery Import & Export Corporation (``TMC''). As there is now a final and conclusive court decision in this case which is not in harmony with the underlying results of the disputed administrative review, the Department is amending the final results of the 2002-2003 antidumping duty administrative review of heavy forged hand tools from the PRC.
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