Bureau of Ocean Energy Management December 2011 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Gulf of Mexico (GOM), Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), Western Planning Area (WPA) and Central Planning Area (CPA), Oil and Gas Lease Sales for 2012-2017
Document Number: 2011-33605
Type: Notice
Date: 2011-12-30
Agency: Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
The BOEM has prepared a Draft EIS on oil and gas lease sales tentatively scheduled in 2012-2017 in the WPA and CPA offshore the States of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Under the proposed Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program: 2012-2017 (5-Year Program), five annual areawide lease sales are scheduled for the WPA and five annual areawide lease sales are scheduled for the CPA. The proposed WPA lease sales are Lease Sale 229 in 2012, Lease Sale 233 in 2013, Lease Sale 238 in 2014, Lease Sale 246 in 2015, and Lease Sale 248 in 2016; the proposed CPA lease sales are Lease Sale 227 in 2013, Lease Sale 231 in 2014, Lease Sale 235 in 2015, Lease Sale 241 in 2016, and Lease Sale 247 in 2017.
Carpinteria Offshore Field Redevelopment Project-Developmental Drilling Into the Carpinteria Offshore Field Oil and Gas Reserves, California State Waters, From Federal Platform Hogan
Document Number: 2011-32484
Type: Notice
Date: 2011-12-20
Agency: Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the California State Lands Commission (CSLC) intend to jointly review a proposal to develop offshore oil and gas resources, located in California state waters, from an existing oil and gas platform located in Federal waters. This review will lead to a joint assessment of the potential environmental impacts and appropriate mitigation measures. This is the Notice of Preparation/Notice of Intent (NOP/NOI) to jointly prepare an Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) and hold public scoping meetings for the Carpinteria Offshore Field Redevelopment Project. This notice initiates the public scoping process.
Request for Information on the State of the Offshore Renewable Energy Industry-Auction Format Information Request (AFIR)
Document Number: 2011-31222
Type: Notice
Date: 2011-12-06
Agency: Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
BOEM invites public comment on a proposed set of auction formats which may be used to issue commercial renewable energy leases on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). BOEM is examining several auction formats, each designed to efficiently issue renewable energy leases to those who value them most and are best positioned to develop them, while also ensuring that the government receives a fair return in exchange. BOEM is focusing primarily on variations of Ascending Clock Auctions and Package Auctions formats described in more detail below. BOEM is also considering a multiple factor auction approach in which bidders can earn a discount on their bids submitted under one of the auction formats noted above, based on company-specific attributes deemed relevant to the success of their projects. The auction format selected for each sale area would likely vary based on the actual characteristics of that sale. Such characteristics could include the size and homogeneity of the area to be offered. BOEM will hold a workshop to help familiarize stakeholders with the auction format options and to solicit feedback on Friday, December 16, 2011, at the South Interior Building in Washington, DC.
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