Millennium Challenge Corporation December 28, 2007 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Report on the Selection of Eligible Countries for Fiscal Year 2008
Document Number: E7-25312
Type: Notice
Date: 2007-12-28
Agency: Millennium Challenge Corporation, Agencies and Commissions
This report is provided in accordance with section 608(d)(1) of the Millennium Challenge Act of 2003, Public Law 108-199, Division D, (the ``Act''). The Act authorizes the provision of Millennium Challenge Account (``MCA'') assistance under section 605 of the Act to countries that enter into compacts with the United States to support policies and programs that advance the progress of such countries in achieving lasting economic growth and poverty reduction, and are in furtherance of the Act. The Act requires the Millennium Challenge Corporation (``MCC'') to take steps to determine the countries that, based to the maximum extent possible on objective and quantifiable indicators of a country's demonstrated commitment to just and democratic governance, economic freedom, and investing in their people, will be eligible to receive MCA assistance for a fiscal year. These steps include the submission of reports to appropriate congressional committees and the publication of notices in the Federal Register that identify, among other things: 1. The ``candidate countries'' for MCA assistance for a fiscal year, and all countries that would be candidate countries if they met the requirement of section 606(a)(1)(B) (section 608(a) of the Act); 2. The eligibility criteria and methodology that the MCC Board of Directors (the ``Board'') will use to select ``eligible countries'' from among the ``candidate countries'' (section 608(b) of the Act); and 3. The countries determined by the Board to be ``eligible countries'' for a fiscal year, the countries on the list of eligible countries with which the Board will seek to enter into a compact, and a justification for the decisions regarding eligibility and selection for negotiation (section 608(d)(1) of the Act). This is the third of the above-described reports by MCC for fiscal year 2008 (FY08). It identifies countries determined by the Board to be eligible under section 607 of the Act for FY08 and those that the Board will seek to enter into compacts under section 609 of the Act, and the justification for such decisions.