United States Patent and Trademark Office July 2016 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Post-Prosecution Pilot Program
Document Number: 2016-16423
Type: Notice
Date: 2016-07-11
Agency: Department of Commerce, United States Patent and Trademark Office
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (Office) is initiating a Post-Prosecution Pilot Program (P3) to test its impact on enhancing patent practice during the period subsequent to a final rejection and prior to the filing of a notice of appeal. This Pilot Program responds to stakeholder input gathered during public forums held in support of the Enhanced Patent Quality Initiative. Under the P3, a panel of examiners, including the examiner of record, will hold a conference with the applicant to review the applicant's response to the final rejection of record. In order to participate in the P3, the applicant will be required to file a request for consideration under the P3 within two months from the mailing date of a final rejection and prior to filing a notice of appeal, together with a response to the final rejection and a statement that the applicant is willing and available to participate in the conference. The applicant will have the option of including in the response a proposed non-broadening amendment to a claim(s). The Office designed the P3 to increase the value of after final practice by (1) leveraging applicant input obtained through an oral presentation during a conference with a panel of examiners, and (2) also providing written explanation for the panel decision. The P3 is also designed to reduce the number of appeals and issues to be taken up on appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), and reduce the number of Requests for Continued Examination (RCE), and simplify the after final landscape. This notice identifies requirements and procedures of the P3, which will govern entry into, and practice under, the P3. This notice also solicits public comments on the P3 and other suggestions to improve after final practice and reduce the number of both appeals to the PTAB and RCEs.