National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration June 28, 2010 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

International Fisheries; South Pacific Tuna Fisheries; Procedures to Request Licenses and a System to Allocate Licenses
Document Number: 2010-15642
Type: Proposed Rule
Date: 2010-06-28
Agency: Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Pursuant to its authority under the South Pacific Tuna Act of 1988 (SPTA), NMFS proposes regulations to modify the procedures that U.S. purse seine vessels use to request fishing licenses to fish in areas managed under the SPTA. This rule would also establish a system for allocating licenses in the event more applications are received than there are licenses available. Such an allocation system is needed because the number of applications is approaching the number of available licenses, and may exceed that number. The proposed license allocation system would include objective criteria to be used by NMFS in prioritizing among license applicants. The license application procedures would be modified in accordance with the allocation system, and would be designed to provide license holders and prospective license applicants with a clear and certain regulatory process. The regulations for vessels licensed under the SPTA would also be modified to require that the vessel monitoring system units (VMS units), also known as mobile transmitting units, installed and carried on the vessels are a type that is NMFS-approved.
Fisheries of the Northeastern United States; Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery; Framework Adjustment 21
Document Number: 2010-15501
Type: Rule
Date: 2010-06-28
Agency: Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NMFS is implementing measures specified in Framework Adjustment 21 (Framework 21) to the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan (FMP), which was developed by the New England Fishery Management Council (Council). Framework 21 specifies the following management measures for the 2010 scallop fishery: Total allowable catch (TAC); open area days-at-sea (DAS) and Sea Scallop Access Area (access area) trip allocations; DAS adjustments if an access area yellowtail flounder (YTF) TAC is caught; limited access general category (LAGC) access area trip allocations; management measures to minimize impacts of incidental take of sea turtles as required by the March 14, 2008, Atlantic Sea Scallop Biological Opinion (Biological Opinion); minor adjustments to the LAGC individual fishing quota (IFQ) program; and minor adjustments to the industry-funded observer program. This action also adjusts regulatory language to eliminate duplicative and outdated text, and to clarify provisions in the regulations that are currently unclear.
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