Minerals Management Service June 14, 2005 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection, Comment Request
Document Number: 05-11682
Type: Notice
Date: 2005-06-14
Agency: Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service
To comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) of 1995, we are inviting comments on a collection of information that we will submit to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review and approval. The information collection request (ICR) is titled ``30 CFR Part 202ROYALTIES, Subpart JGas Production From Indian Leases, and Part 206PRODUCT VALUATION, Subpart B Indian Oil, and Subpart EIndian Gas (Forms MMS-4109, Gas Processing Allowance Summary Report; MMS-4110, Oil Transportation Allowance Report; MMS-4295, Gas Transportation Allowance Report; MMS-4410, Accounting for Comparison [Dual Accounting]; and MMS-4411, Safety Net Report).'' The title of this ICR clarifies the regulatory language we are covering under 30 CFR parts 202 and 206, for Indian oil and gas leases, and incorporates relevant portions of six previous ICRs. The six ICRs now consolidated into this ICR were previously titled: 1010-0061: 30 CFR Part 206, Subpart BIndian Oil, Sec. 206.55Determination of Transportation Allowances (Form MMS-4110, Oil Transportation Allowance Report); 1010-0075: 30 CFR Part 206, Subpart EIndian Gas, Sec. 206.178How do I determine a transportation allowance? (Form MMS-4295, Gas Transportation Allowance Report), and Sec. 206.180How do I determine an actual processing allowance? (Form MMS-4109, Gas Processing Allowance Summary Report); 1010-0095: 30 CFR Part 206Product Valuation, Subpart B Indian Oil, Sec. 206.54; Subpart CFederal Oil, Sec. 206.109; Subpart DFederal Gas, Sec. Sec. 206.156 and 206.158; and Subpart E Indian Gas, Sec. 206.177 (Form MMS-4393, Request to Exceed Regulatory Allowance Limitation). Only Indian oil and gas citations and burden hours are covered in this ICR. Form MMS-4393 is also used for Federal oil and gas citations and is retained with ICR 1010-0136 (expires May 31, 2006), where most of the burden hours are incurred; 1010-0103: 30 CFR Part 206, Subpart EIndian Gas (Form MMS-4411, Safety Net Report); 1010-0104: 30 CFR Part 206, Subpart EIndian Gas, Sec. Sec. 206.172, 206.173, and 206.176 (Form MMS-4410, Accounting for Comparison [Dual Accounting]); and 1010-0138: 30 CFR Part 206, Subpart B, Establishing Oil Value on Royalty Due on Indian Leases.