Industry and Security Bureau August 31, 2006 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Implementation in the Export Administration Regulations of the United States' Rescission of Libya's Designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism and Revisions Applicable to Iraq
Document Number: 06-7255
Type: Rule
Date: 2006-08-31
Agency: Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security, Industry and Security Bureau
In this rule, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) amends the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to implement the June 30, 2006 rescission of Libya's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism. The rescission followed the President's May 15, 2006 submission of a report to Congress certifying that Libya had not provided any support for international terrorism during the preceding six months and that Libya had provided assurances that it would not support future acts of international terrorism. To implement the rescission, BIS amends the EAR by removing Libya from the list of terrorist supporting countries in Country Group E:1, and by making other conforming amendments and related revisions throughout the EAR. In particular, Libya is added to Country Group D:1 and remains in Country Groups D:2, D:3, and D:4. This rule also revises the EAR to reflect the fact that in October 2004 the United States rescinded Iraq's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism. As a result of the rescission of this designation, BIS may no longer control for anti-terrorism (AT) reasons items covered by eight export control classification numbers (ECCNs) for which BIS previously required a license for export or reexport to Iraq, or for transfer within Iraq. Note that BIS now controls these items for regional stability (RS) reasons and continues to require a license for their export or reexport to Iraq, or transfer within Iraq. This rule also amends the EAR to delete all references to Iraq's status as a Designated State Sponsor of Terrorism.
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