Trade Representative, Office of United States August 11, 2006 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Probable Effect of Modifications to the United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement To Accelerate the Reduction of Tariffs on Certain Articles and Modify the Rule of Origin Rule for One Article
Document Number: E6-13117
Type: Notice
Date: 2006-08-11
Agency: Office of the United States Trade Representative, Trade Representative, Office of United States, Executive Office of the President
The United States Trade Representative (USTR) is requesting public input as to the probable effect certain modifications to tariff treatment of imports under the United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement on total U.S. trade, domestic producers, and workers in the affected industries. Specifically, USTR is evaluating proposals to accelerate the planned reduction in duties on nutritionals, peanuts, and polycarbonates of Singapore and to modify the rule of origin for photocopiers of Singapore. In addition, USTR is soliciting proposals regarding what sort of concessions Singapore, which does not impose duties on imports from the United States, could make to maintain the balance of concessions if these tariff acceleration requests are approved.