Economic Development Administration October 1, 2008 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Introduction of New Application for Investment Assistance (Form ED-900)
Document Number: E8-23116
Type: Notice
Date: 2008-10-01
Agency: Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration
The Economic Development Administration (EDA) publishes this notice to introduce its new Application for Investment Assistance (Form ED-900). Previously, applicants were required to complete and submit a Pre-Application for Investment Assistance (Form ED-900P), followed by an Application for Investment Assistance (Form ED-900A) if EDA deemed that the proposed project merited further consideration. In addition, applicants were required to submit additional application forms to address EDA's programmatic requirements, depending on the type of funding assistance sought. The new Form ED-900 consolidates all EDA- specific requirements into a single application form. EDA will continue to require additional government-wide federal grant assistance forms from the Standard Form 424 family as part of the application package. This change, which is effective November 1, 2008, is prospective and will not affect previously submitted applications or require the submission of new application packages.