Transportation Security Administration October 30, 2008 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Large Aircraft Security Program, Other Aircraft Operator Security Program, and Airport Operator Security Program
Document Number: E8-23685
Type: Proposed Rule
Date: 2008-10-30
Agency: Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) proposes to amend current aviation transportation security regulations to enhance the security of general aviation by expanding the scope of current requirements and by adding new requirements for certain large aircraft operators and airports serving those aircraft. TSA is proposing to require that all aircraft operations, including corporate and private operations, with aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight (MTOW) above 12,500 pounds (``large aircraft'') adopt a large aircraft security program (LASP). This security program would be based on the current security program that applies to operators providing scheduled or charter services. TSA also proposes to require large aircraft operators to contract with TSA-approved auditors to conduct audits of the operators' compliance with their security programs and with TSA-approved watch- list service providers to verify that their passengers are not on the No Fly and/or Selectee portions of the consolidated terrorist watch- list maintained by the Federal Government. This proposed rule describes the process and criteria under which auditors and companies that perform watch-list matching would obtain TSA approval. TSA also proposes further security measures for large aircraft operators in all-cargo operations and for operators of passenger aircraft with a MTOW of over 45,500 kilograms (100,309.3 pounds), operated for compensation or hire. TSA also proposes to require that certain airports that serve large aircraft adopt security programs and amend the security program for full program and full all-cargo operators.