Economic Development Administration October 14, 2010 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Solicitation of Applications for the Public Works, Economic Adjustment Assistance, and Global Climate Change Mitigation Incentive Fund (GCCMIF) Economic Development Assistance Programs
Document Number: 2010-25896
Type: Notice
Date: 2010-10-14
Agency: Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration
This notice announces new application submission and review procedures for FY 2011 funding under EDA's (i) Public Works and Economic Development Facilities Program; (ii) Economic Adjustment Assistance Program; and (iii) Global Climate Change Mitigation Incentive Fund (GCCMIF) Program. To enhance the competitiveness, transparency, and efficiency of EDA's grants-making process and ensure timely responsiveness to applicants, in FY 2011 EDA will move to a funding cycle system under which applications submitted under these programs will be considered for funding roughly once a quarter. Beginning on October 14, 2010, applications will still be accepted on a continuing basis but must be received by the deadlines set out below in order to be considered for funding during a particular cycle. Eligible applicants have the option of receiving preliminary feedback on an application's technical and competitive merits by submitting the application for an optional preliminary review as described in section V.A. of the Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) announcement, which is posted on EDA's Web site at InvestmentsGrants/Grant%20Process.xml. EDA will provide such feedback not later than 15 business days after EDA's receipt of the application, and applicants will have the opportunity to revise and/or supplement the application as necessary or submit a new application by the funding cycle deadline or in time for consideration in a subsequent funding cycle. Applicants that elect to receive such feedback should take care to submit the application sufficiently in advance of a funding cycle deadline so that EDA can provide the feedback and the applicant can make any changes and/or provide additional documentation or submit a new application by the funding cycle deadline. EDA will not select projects for funding until after the funding cycle deadline has passed. Applications may be submitted electronically in accordance with the instructions provided at or in hard copy to the applicable regional office. Please see sections IV. and V. of the FFO for complete information on the new application submission and processing procedures. Deadlines: Beginning in FY 2011, EDA will accept and review applications submitted under its Public Works, Economic Adjustment Assistance, and GCCMIF Programs in funding cycles. To be considered during a particular funding cycle, complete applications must be accepted and validated by or delivered in hard copy to the applicable regional office listed in section IX. of the FFO with a postmark or courier service's time and date stamp on or before 5 p.m. local time in the applicable regional office on the deadline date for the funding cycles listed below. For FY 2011, the funding cycle deadlines are as follows: December 15 for funding cycle 1; March 10 for funding cycle 2; June 10 for funding cycle 3; and September 15 for funding cycle 1 of FY 2012. Please note that applications for financial assistance submitted under EDA's Planning, Partnership Planning, Local Technical Assistance, University Center, and Research and National Technical Assistance Programs are not subject to the deadlines described above, and requirements for these programs will be published in separate FFO announcements. In addition, applications for any supplemental appropriations that EDA receives will not be subject to the deadlines published in this notice, and EDA will publish a separate FFO for any such appropriations. Please contact the applicable regional office listed in section IX. of the FFO for additional information on submitting an application under any of EDA's programs.
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