Food Safety and Inspection Service October 4, 2005 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Addition of San Marino to the List of Countries Eligible To Export Meat Products to the United States
Document Number: 05-19774
Type: Rule
Date: 2005-10-04
Agency: Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service
The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is adding San Marino to the list of countries eligible to export meat products to the United States. FSIS conducted a thorough review of the San Marino meat processing inspection system, including an on-site review of the San Marino meat processing inspection system in operation. FSIS concluded that San Marino's meat processing laws, regulations, and other written materials demonstrate that they establish requirements that are equivalent to the relevant requirements of the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) and its implementing regulations, and that San Marino's implementation of meat processing standards and procedures is equivalent to that of the United States. Meat products from San Marino may be imported into the United States only if these products are processed in certified establishments in San Marino and are derived from animals that were slaughtered only in certified establishments located in other countries that are eligible to export meat to the United States as a result of their slaughter inspection systems having been found equivalent to that of the United States. At present, San Marino will be eligible to export only processed pork products and not meat food products containing livestock product other than pork to the United States. San Marino did not ask to be approved for slaughter of pork. All meat products exported from San Marino to the United States will be subject to reinspection at the U.S. ports-of-entry by FSIS inspectors as required by law.
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