Agricultural Marketing Service October 11, 2005 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Quality Systems Verification Programs
Document Number: 05-20310
Type: Rule
Date: 2005-10-11
Agency: Agricultural Marketing Service, Department of Agriculture
The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is establishing a separate user-fee schedule for the Quality Systems Verification Programs (QSVP) and expanding the scope of the QSVP to include all agricultural products and services within the responsibility of the Livestock and Seed (LS) Program. A new part 62 is established for QSVP services. QVSP are a collection of voluntary, audit-based, user-fee programs authorized under the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946. QSVP facilitate the global marketing and trade of agricultural products; provide consumers the opportunity to distinguish specific characteristics involved in the production and processing of agricultural products; and ensure that product consistently meets program requirements.