Bureau of the Census April 2017 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Limited-Access Highway Classification Codes
Document Number: 2017-08320
Type: Notice
Date: 2017-04-25
Agency: Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
The Bureau of the Census (U.S. Census Bureau) publishes this notice to request public comment on a proposal to change the classification of limited-access highways in the Census Bureau's Master Address File/Topologically Integrated Referencing and Encoding (MAF/ TIGER) System. The change will assign all limited-access highways a MAF/TIGER Feature Classification Code (MTFCC) of S1100 (Primary Roads). Currently, the classification code for limited-access highways is either S1100 (Primary Roads) or S1200 (Secondary Roads).
Foreign Trade Regulations: Clarification on Filing Requirements
Document Number: 2017-07646
Type: Rule
Date: 2017-04-19
Agency: Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
The Bureau of the Census (Census Bureau) issues this Final Rule amending the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) to reflect new export reporting requirements. Specifically, the Census Bureau is making changes related to the implementation of the International Trade Data System (ITDS), in accordance with the Executive Order 13659, Streamlining the Export/Import Process for American Businesses. The ITDS was established by the Security and Accountability for Every (SAFE) Port Act of 2006. The changes also include the addition of the original Internal Transaction Number (ITN) data element in the Automated Export System (AES). Lastly, the Census Bureau is making remedial changes to improve clarity of the reporting requirements. These changes are discussed in detail in the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section.
National Advisory Committee
Document Number: 2017-06986
Type: Notice
Date: 2017-04-07
Agency: Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
The Bureau of the Census (Census Bureau) is giving notice of a meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations (NAC). The NAC will address policy, research, and technical issues relating to a full range of Census Bureau programs and activities, including communications, decennial, demographic, economic, field operations, geographic, information technology, and statistics. The NAC will meet in a plenary session on April 27-28, 2017. Last minute changes to the schedule are possible, which could prevent us from giving advance public notice of schedule adjustments. Please visit the Census Advisory Committees Web site for the most current meeting agenda at: https://www.census.gov/about/cac.html. The meeting will be available via webcast at: https://www.census.gov/newsroom/census- live.html or at https://www.ustream.tv/embed/6504322?wmode=direct.