Agricultural Marketing Service April 24, 2009 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Onions Grown in South Texas; Change in Regulatory Period
Document Number: E9-9378
Type: Rule
Date: 2009-04-24
Agency: Agricultural Marketing Service, Department of Agriculture
This rule revises the regulatory period during which minimum grade, size, quality, and maturity requirements are in effect for onions grown in South Texas under Marketing Order No. 959 (order). The previous regulatory period for South Texas onions was March 1 to July 15 of each year. The new regulatory period ends on June 4. Prior to this change, onions subject to order requirements from June 5 to July 15 were present in the market at the same time as onions produced in other areas of the United States not regulated under Federal marketing orders. Changing the ending date of the regulatory period to June 4 relaxes the regulatory requirements for onions covered under the order, and will enable producers and handlers to compete more effectively in the marketplace, and therefore, promote the orderly marketing of onions. The South Texas Onion Committee (Committee), which locally administers the order, unanimously recommended the change.