Nuclear Regulatory Commission August 26, 2013 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

mPower\TM\ Design-Specific Review Standard
Document Number: 2013-20708
Type: Notice
Date: 2013-08-26
Agency: Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Agencies and Commissions
On May 14, 2013, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) published a request for public comment on the DSRS for the mPower\TM\ design (mPower\TM\ DSRS). The purpose of the mPower\TM\ DSRS is to more fully integrate the use of risk insights into the review of a design certification (DC), an early site permit (ESP) or a combined license (COL) that incorporates the mPower\TM\ design. The public comment period was originally scheduled to close on August 16, 2013. Generation mPower submitted a letter on August 8, 2013 (ADAMS Accession No. ML13224A163), requesting an extension of the public comment period until September 16, 2012, on specific sections of the mPower\TM\ DSRS. The NRC has decided to re-open the public comment period on those specific sections of the mPower\TM\ DSRS to allow more time for members of the public to assemble their comments on those sections.