Federal Election Commission July 21, 2005 – Federal Register Recent Federal Regulation Documents

Payroll Deductions by Member Corporations for Contributions to a Trade Association's Separate Segregated Fund
Document Number: 05-14318
Type: Rule
Date: 2005-07-21
Agency: Federal Election Commission, Agencies and Commissions
The Federal Election Commission is amending its rules regarding contributions to the separate segregated fund (``SSF'') of a trade association by employee-stockholders and executive and administrative personnel of corporations that are members of the trade association (collectively, ``solicitable class employees''). The revised rules will no longer prohibit corporate members of a trade association from using a payroll deduction or check-off system for employee contributions to the trade association's SSF. Instead, these final rules will allow a corporate member of a trade association to provide incidental services to collect and forward contributions from its solicitable class employees to the SSF of the trade association, including use of a payroll deduction or check-off system, upon written request of the trade association. These final rules will also require any member corporation that provides incidental services for contributions to a trade association's SSF, as well as the corporation's subsidiaries, divisions, branches and affiliates, to provide the same services for contributions to the SSF of any labor organization that represents members working for the corporation, or the corporation's subsidiaries, divisions, branches or affiliates, upon written request of the labor organization and at a cost not to exceed actual expenses incurred. Additional information appears in the Supplementary Information that follows.
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