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Federal Register / Vol. 81, No. 21 / Tuesday, February 2, 2016 / 

[[Page 5418]]


International Trade Administration

Initiation of Five-Year (``Sunset'') Review

AGENCY: Enforcement and Compliance, International Trade Administration, 
Department of Commerce.

SUMMARY: In accordance with section 751(c) of the Tariff Act of 1930, 
as amended (``the Act''), the Department of Commerce (``the 
Department'') is automatically initiating the five-year review 
(``Sunset Review'') of the antidumping and countervailing duty (``AD/
CVD'') orders listed below. The International Trade Commission (``the 
Commission'') is publishing concurrently with this notice its notice of 
Institution of Five-Year Review which covers the same orders.

DATES: Effective Date: February 1, 2016.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: The Department official identified in 
the Initiation of Review section below at AD/CVD Operations, 
Enforcement and Compliance, International Trade Administration, U.S. 
Department of Commerce, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW., 
Washington, DC 20230. For information from the Commission contact Mary 
Messer, Office of Investigations, U.S. International Trade Commission 
at (202) 205-3193.



    The Department's procedures for the conduct of Sunset Reviews are 
set forth in its Procedures for Conducting Five-Year (``Sunset'') 
Reviews of Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Orders, 63 FR 13516 
(March 20, 1998) and 70 FR 62061 (October 28, 2005). Guidance on 
methodological or analytical issues relevant to the Department's 
conduct of Sunset Reviews is set forth in Antidumping Proceedings: 
Calculation of the Weighted-Average Dumping Margin and Assessment Rate 
in Certain Antidumping Duty Proceedings; Final Modification, 77 FR 8101 
(February 14, 2012).

Initiation of Review

    In accordance with 19 CFR 351.218(c), we are initiating Sunset 
Reviews of the following antidumping and countervailing duty orders: 

    \1\ In addition, we note that in the sunset initiation notice 
that published on November 3, 2015 (80 FR 67705) the Department 
inadvertently listed an incorrect effective date. The effective date 
is November 2, 2015.

         DOC Case No.            ITC Case No.        Country            Product           Department contact
A-570-896.....................     731-TA-1071  PRC..............  Magnesium Metal   David Goldberger.
                                                                    (2nd Review).    (202) 482-4136.
A-570-506.....................      731-TA-282  PRC..............  Porcelain-On-     Matthew Renkey.
                                                                    Steel Cooking    (202) 482-2312.
                                                                    Ware (4th

Filing Information

    As a courtesy, we are making information related to sunset 
proceedings, including copies of the pertinent statute and Department's 
regulations, the Department's schedule for Sunset Reviews, a listing of 
past revocations and continuations, and current service lists, 
available to the public on the Department's Web site at the following 
address: All submissions in these 
Sunset Reviews must be filed in accordance with the Department's 
regulations regarding format, translation, and service of documents. 
These rules, including electronic filing requirements via Enforcement 
and Compliance's Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Centralized 
Electronic Service System (``ACCESS''), can be found at 19 CFR 

    \2\ See also Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Proceedings: 
Electronic Filing Procedures; Administrative Protective Order 
Procedures, 76 FR 39263 (July 6, 2011).

    This notice serves as a reminder that any party submitting factual 
information in an AD/CVD proceeding must certify to the accuracy and 
completeness of that information.\3\ Parties are hereby reminded that 
revised certification requirements are in effect for company/government 
officials as well as their representatives in these segments.\4\ The 
formats for the revised certifications are provided at the end of the 
Final Rule. The Department intends to reject factual submissions if the 
submitting party does not comply with the revised certification 

    \3\ See section 782(b) of the Act.
    \4\ See Certification of Factual Information To Import 
Administration During Antidumping and Countervailing Duty 
Proceedings, 78 FR 42678 (July 17, 2013) (``Final Rule'') (amending 
19 CFR 351.303(g)).

    On April 10, 2013, the Department modified two regulations related 
to AD/CVD proceedings: the definition of factual information (19 CFR 
351.102(b)(21)), and the time limits for the submission of factual 
information (19 CFR 351.301).\5\ Parties are advised to review the 
final rule, available at, prior to submitting factual information in these 
segments. To the extent that other regulations govern the submission of 
factual information in a segment (such as 19 CFR 351.218), these time 
limits will continue to be applied. Parties are also advised to review 
the final rule concerning the extension of time limits for submissions 
in AD/CVD proceedings, available at, prior to submitting factual information in 
these segments.\6\

    \5\ See Definition of Factual Information and Time Limits for 
Submission of Factual Information: Final Rule, 78 FR 21246 (April 
10, 2013).
    \6\ See Extension of Time Limits, 78 FR 57790 (September 20, 


[[Page 5419]]

Letters of Appearance and Administrative Protective Orders

    Pursuant to 19 CFR 351.103(d), the Department will maintain and 
make available a public service list for these proceedings. Parties 
wishing to participate in any of these five-year reviews must file 
letters of appearance as discussed at 19 CFR 351.103(d)). To facilitate 
the timely preparation of the public service list, it is requested that 
those seeking recognition as interested parties to a proceeding submit 
an entry of appearance within 10 days of the publication of the Notice 
of Initiation.
    Because deadlines in Sunset Reviews can be very short, we urge 
interested parties who want access to proprietary information under 
administrative protective order (``APO'') to file an APO application 
immediately following publication in the Federal Register of this 
notice of initiation. The Department's regulations on submission of 
proprietary information and eligibility to receive access to business 
proprietary information under APO can be found at 19 CFR 351.304-306.

Information Required From Interested Parties

    Domestic interested parties, as defined in section 771(9)(C), (D), 
(E), (F), and (G) of the Act and 19 CFR 351.102(b), wishing to 
participate in a Sunset Review must respond not later than 15 days 
after the date of publication in the Federal Register of this notice of 
initiation by filing a notice of intent to participate. The required 
contents of the notice of intent to participate are set forth at 19 CFR 
351.218(d)(1)(ii). In accordance with the Department's regulations, if 
we do not receive a notice of intent to participate from at least one 
domestic interested party by the 15-day deadline, the Department will 
automatically revoke the order without further review.\7\

    \7\ See 19 CFR 351.218(d)(1)(iii).

    If we receive an order-specific notice of intent to participate 
from a domestic interested party, the Department's regulations provide 
that all parties wishing to participate in a Sunset Review must file 
complete substantive responses not later than 30 days after the date of 
publication in the Federal Register of this notice of initiation. The 
required contents of a substantive response, on an order-specific 
basis, are set forth at 19 CFR 351.218(d)(3). Note that certain 
information requirements differ for respondent and domestic parties. 
Also, note that the Department's information requirements are distinct 
from the Commission's information requirements. Consult the 
Department's regulations for information regarding the Department's 
conduct of Sunset Reviews. Consult the Department's regulations at 19 
CFR part 351 for definitions of terms and for other general information 
concerning antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings at the 
    This notice of initiation is being published in accordance with 
section 751(c) of the Act and 19 CFR 351.218(c).

    Dated: January 28, 2016.
Christian Marsh,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Antidumping and Countervailing Duty 
[FR Doc. 2016-01999 Filed 2-1-16; 8:45 am]
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