West Virginia Code of State Rules
Title 64 - Health
64-104 - Certification of Opioid Overdose Prevention and Treatment Training Programs
§64-104-4 - Approval of Training Programs.

§64-104-4. Approval of Training Programs.

4.1. Applications for Training Programs. Any association, educational institution, healdi care facility or emergency medical services agency may apply to die OEMS for approval to conduct a training program for initial responders.

4.2. Applications for approval of a training program must be made on a form provided by die OEMS, togedier widi die curriculum for die course as defined in section 3. The application must include die following information:

4.2.a. The tide of die course;
4.2.b. The sponsor's name;
4.2.c. The name(s) of the course instructor and die instructor is certified to provide training or has received instruction on die course curriculum;
4.2.d. The names and audiors of all textbooks to be used, if any, including die publisher and edition, or if no textbook is to be used, a list of written materials to be used, including die source of such materials;
4.2.e. The specific objectives for die course;
4.2.f. Time to be spent on each of die components required by subsection 3.1;
4.2.g. The mediod(s) of instruction for each component listed in subsection 3.1 (for example, lecture, demonstration, simulation, slide presentation, etc.);
4.2.h. A description of die practical training to be provided for each component listed in subdivision 3.1.e., 3.1.d. and 3.1.e.;
4.2.i. The reading assignment in die text or in odier materials, if any, lor each unit;
4.2.j. The evaluation metiiod for each unit (for example, written examination, student presentation or demonstration, competency check-off, etc.);
4.2.k. An explanation of when students will be evaluated (for example, alter each unit, comprehensively at die end of die course); and
4.2.l. An explanation of die grading system to be used for written examinations and proficiency evaluations.

4.3. The application and curriculum must be submitted to die OEMS at least 30 days prior to die date on wliich die course is to be given.

4.4. The application must be submitted by die administrator or operating officer for die entity conducting die course.

4.5. Only applications which are complete will be considered. In order to be considered complete, an application must include:

4.5.a. All of die information requested on die application;
4.5.b. A complete curriculum as defined in section 3; and
4.5.c. The signature of die administrator or operating officer of die entity making application.

4.6 An applicant may submit such additional documents or information as die applicant may consider relevant to die application and compliance widi die provisions of diis rule series.

4.7. In the event that an application is determined to be incomplete, die OEMS will notify die applicant widiin 30 days of die receipt of die application of die information necessary to complete die application and retain die application submitted pending receipt of die additional information.

4.8. Continuing Approval: Once an application for approval for a training program has been approved by die OEMS, re-approval is not required for each occasion on which die course is administered so long as the training program is not changed, or so long as die training programing requirements are not changed by law. If die training program, or any portion of a training program, is changed, reapplication must be made in accordance witii subsection 4.2. In cases where only a portion of a course is changed, die applicant may submit documentation and information only as to die changes made, but must clearly indicate diose portions tiiat are unchanged by so stating on die application.

4.9. Applications to Conduct Approved Courses Developed by Otliers: Associations, educational institutions, healdi care facilities, emergency medical services agencies, may, widi die consent of die developer(s), conduct training programs developed by odiers who have received approval from die OEMS. Such facilities must apply for approval in accordance widi subsection 4.2, but need not submit curriculum materials required by section 3, except to die extent diat die training program, will be varied in any manner from die approved training program. Applicants must indicate on die application die tide of die approved training program to be used, name of die entity whose approved course will be used, and die date on which such course was approved.

4.10. Any changes in approved training program must be submitted to the OEMS for prior approval.

4.11. All training programs are subject to on-site periodic review by the OEMS. Sponsors of approved training programs must provide written notice to die OEMS of die date(s) and location diat a basic course will be held at least live working days before each occasion on which an approved course is scheduled to begin.

4.12. The approved training program sponsor must maintain attendance records, including die name, address and telephone number of each participant, for such courses lor a minimum of two years from die date of completion of each course.

4.13. Attendance records are subject to review by die OEMS upon request.

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