West Virginia Code of State Rules
Title 15 - Pharmacy
15-12 - Immunizations Administered by Pharmacists and Pharmacy Interns
§15-12-6 - Immunizations.

§15-12-6. Immunizations.

6.1. Immunizations authorized by this rule shall be administered:

6.1.a. in accordance with definitive treatment guidelines for immunizations promulgated by the latest notice from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including, but not limited to, CDC's recommended immunization schedule for adults and children and adolescents, including the footnotes provided for each schedule, available at https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/index.html; or

6.1.b. in accordance with an order from a properly authorized practitioner for minors age eleven through eighteen, the order shall be a prescription from an authorized physician.

6.2. Administration shall be done in accordance with the training required by Section 4.1.b. of this Series, including, but not limited to indications, contraindications, route of administration, sanitary environment for administration, specifics regarding administration, and storage requirements for each specific immunization authorized by this rule, and, when done pursuant to a prescription, in accordance therewith;

6.3. Administration shall include implementation of the CDC’s recommended appropriate observation for an adverse reaction of an individual following an immunization.

6.4. Under no circumstances may a pharmacist delegate his or her authority to administer immunizations to any other person, including but not limited to, any pharmacy technician, except as otherwise provided herein for a properly pharmacy intern who is administering under the direct supervision of the pharmacist.

6.5. A current Vaccine Information Statement, as provided by CDC, shall be provided to each person receiving an immunization for each immunization administered.

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