Utah Administrative Code
Title R392 - Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Services.
Rule R392-302 - Design, Construction and Operation of Public Pools.
R392-302-31 - Special Purpose Pools: Spa Pools.

Universal Citation: UT Admin Code R 392-302-31

(1) Spa pools must meet all applicable requirements of all Sections of R392-302 in addition to those of this Section as they apply to special design features and uses of spa pools.

(a) Spa pool projects require consultation with the local health department having jurisdiction.

(2) This subsection supercedes R392-302-6(5). A spa pool shell may be a color other than white or light pastel.

(3) Spa pools shall meet the bather load requirement of R392-302-7(1)(a).

(4) A spa pool may not exceed a maximum water depth of 4 feet, 1.22 meters. The Department may grant exceptions to the maximum depth requirement for a spa pool designed for special purposes, such as instruction, treatment, or therapy.

(5) This subsection supercedes R392-302-12(1)(f). A spa pool may be equipped with a single entry/exit. A spa pool must be equipped with at least one handrail for each 50 feet, 15.24 meters, of perimeter, or portion thereof, to designate the point of entry and exit. Points of entry and exit must be evenly spaced around the perimeter of the spa pool and afford unobstructed entry and egress.

(6) This subsection supercedes R392-302-12(3)(c). In a spa pool where the bottom step serves as a bench or seat, the bottom riser may be a maximum of 14 inches, 35.56 centimeters.

(7) This subsection supercedes R392-302-13(1). A spa pool must have a continuous, unobstructed deck at least 3 feet, 91.44 centimeters, wide around 25 percent or more of the spa.

(8) This subsection supercedes R392-302-13(5). The Department may allow spa decks or steps made of sealed, clear-heart redwood.

(9) A pool deck may be included as part of the spa deck if the pools are separated by a minimum of 5 feet, 1.52 meters. An exception is allowed to the deck and pool separation requirements if a spa pool and another pool are constructed adjacent to each other and share a common pool sidewall which separates the two pools. The top surface of the common pool side wall may not exceed 18 inches, 45.7 centimeters, in width and shall have markings indicating "No Walking" or an icon that represents the same, provided in block letters at least four inches, 10.16 centimeters, in height, as required by R392-302-39(3)(a), in a contrasting color on the horizontal surface of the common wall. Additionally the deck space around the remainder of the spa shall be a minimum of five feet, 1.52 meters.

(10) This subsection supersedes R392-302-15. The local health officer may exempt a spa pool from depth marking requirements if the spa pool owner can successfully demonstrate to the local health officer that bather safety is not compromised by the elimination of the markings.

(11) A spa pool must have a minimum of one turnover every 30 minutes.

(12) Spa pool air induction systems shall meet the requirements of R392-302-16(12)(a) through (b). Jet or water agitation systems shall meet the requirements of R392-302-16(13).

(13) Spa pool filtration system inlets shall be wall-type inlets and the number of inlets shall be based on a minimum of one for each 20 feet, 6.10 meters, or fraction thereof, of pool perimeter.

(14) Spa pool outlets shall meet all of the requirements of subsections R392-302-18(1) through R392-302-18(4)(e); however, the following exceptions apply:

(a) Multiple spa outlets shall be spaced at least three feet apart from each other as measured from the centers of the drain covers or grates or a third drain shall be provided and the separation distance between individual outlets shall be at the maximum possible spacing.

(b) The Department may exempt an acrylic or fiberglass spa from the requirement to locate outlets at the deepest point in the pool if the outlets are located on side walls within three inches of the pool floor and a wet-vacuum is available on site to remove any water left in the pool after draining.

(15) A spa pool must have a minimum number of surface skimmers based on one skimmer for each 100 square feet, 9.29 square meters of surface area.

(16) A spa pool must be equipped with an oxidation reduction potential controller which monitors chemical demands, including pH and disinfectant demands, and regulates the amount of chemicals fed into the pool circulation system. A spa pool constructed and approved prior to September 16, 1996 is exempt from this requirement if it is able to meet bacteriological quality as required in Subsection R392-302-27 (6)(e).

(17) A spa pool is exempt from the Section R392-302-22, except for Section R392-302-22(3).

(18) The maximum water temperature for a spa pool is 104 degrees Fahrenheit, 40 degrees Celsius.

(19) A spa pool shall meet the total alkalinity requirements of R392-302-27 (3)(d).

(20) A spa pool must have a sign that meets the requirements of a "Rule Sign" in R392-302-39(1),(2) and (3)(c) which contains the following information:

(a) The word "caution" centered at the top of the sign.

(b) Elderly persons and those suffering from heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure should consult a physician before using the spa pool.

(c) Persons suffering from a communicable disease transmissible via water may not use the spa pool. Persons using prescription medications should consult a physician before using the spa.

(d) Individuals under the influence of alcohol or other impairing chemical substances should not use the spa pool.

(e) Bathers should not use the spa pool alone.

(f) Pregnant women should not use the spa pool without consulting their physicians.

(g) Persons should not spend more than 15 minutes in the spa in any one session.

(h) Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by at least one responsible adult over the age of 18 years, when lifeguards are not on duty.

(i) Children under the age of five years are prohibited from bathing in a spa or hot tub.

(j) Running or engaging in unsafe activities or horseplay in or around the spa pool is prohibited.

(21) Water jets and air induction ports on spa pools must be controlled by an automatic timer which limits the duration of their use to 15 minutes per each cycle of operation. The operator shall mount the timer switch in a location which requires the bather to exit the spa before the timer can be reset for another 15 minute cycle or part thereof.

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