Utah Administrative Code
Title R392 - Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Services.
Rule R392-302 - Design, Construction and Operation of Public Pools.
R392-302-25 - Restroom and Shower Facilities.

Universal Citation: UT Admin Code R 392-302-25

(1) The facility shall provide a restroom with shower facility for each gender.

(a) The entrances and exits must be designed to break the line of sight into the restroom and shower facilities.

(2) The minimum number of toilets and showers must be based upon the designed maximum bather load.

(a) Required numbers of fixtures must be based upon 50 percent of the total number of bathers being male and 50 percent being female, except where the facility is used exclusively by one gender.

(b) The minimum number of sanitary fixtures must be in accordance with Table 4.

(i) The local health department may exempt any bathers who have private use fixtures available within 150 feet, 45.7 meters, of the pool from the total number of bathers used to calculate the number of fixtures required.

 TABLE 4 Sanitary Fixture Minimum Requirements Water Closets Male Female 1:1 to 25 1:1 to 25 2:26 to 75 2:26 to 75 3:76 to 125 3:76 to 125 4:126 to 200 4:126 to 200 5:201 to 300 5:201 to 300 6:301 to 400 6:301 to 400 Over 400, add one fixture for each additional 200 males or 150 females. Where urinals are provided, one water closet less than the number specified may be provided for each urinal installed, except the number of water closets in such cases may not be reduced to less than one half of the minimum specified. 

(3) Lavatories must be provided on the basis of one for each water closet up to four, then one for each two additional water closets.

(4) The facility shall provide showers for each gender and shall enclose these showers for privacy. A minimum of one shower head for each gender must be provided for each 50 bathers or fraction thereof.

(a) Potable water must be provided at all shower heads. Water heaters and thermostatically controlled mixing valves must be inaccessible to bathers and must be capable of providing 2 gallons per minute, 7.57 liters per minute, of 90 degree F. water to each shower head for each bather.

(5) If unisex facilities are provided they may count toward the total number of required fixtures in this section as long as the unisex facilities are provided in multiples of two.

(6) Soap must be dispensed at all lavatories and showers.

(a) Soap dispensers must be constructed of metal or plastic.

(b) Use of bar soap or any communal soap item is prohibited.

(c) Disposable towels or air dryers must be provided for all lavatories.

(7) Fixtures must be designed so that they may be readily cleaned. Fixtures must withstand frequent cleaning and disinfecting.

(8) The operator shall maintain all areas and fixtures within restroom facilities in an operable, clean and sanitary condition.

(9) Restroom and shower facilities must be constructed of materials that have smooth, non-slip surfaces, and are impervious to moisture.

(10) Floor must slope to a drain and be constructed to prevent accumulation of water.

(11) Carpeting may not be installed on restroom and shower floors.

(12) Junctions between walls and floors must be coved.

(13) At least one covered waste receptacle must be provided in each restroom.

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