Utah Administrative Code
Title R392 - Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Services.
Rule R392-302 - Design, Construction and Operation of Public Pools.
R392-302-2 - Definitions.

Universal Citation: UT Admin Code R 392-302-2

The following definitions apply in this rule.

(1) "AED" means automated external defibrillator.

(2) "Backwash" means the process of cleaning a swimming pool filter by reversing the flow of water through the filter.

(3) "Bather Load" means the number of persons using a pool at any one time or specified period of time.

(4) "Cleansing shower" means the cleaning of the entire body surfaces with soap and water to remove any matter, including fecal matter, that may wash off into the pool while swimming.

(5) "Collection Zone" means the area of an interactive water feature where water from the feature will be collected and drained for treatment.

(6) "CPR" means Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

(7) "Department" means the Utah Department of Health.

(8) "Executive Director" means the Executive Director of the Utah Department of Health, or his designated representative.

(9) "Facility" means any premises, building, pool, equipment, system, and appurtenance which appertains to the operation of a public pool.

(10) "Float Tank" means a tank containing a skin-temperature solution of water and Epsom salts at a specific gravity high enough to allow the user to float supine while motionless and require a deliberate effort by the user to turn over and that is designed to provide for solitary use and sensory deprivation of the user.

(11) "Gravity Drain System" means a pool drain system wherein the drains are connected to a surge or collector tank and rather than drawing directly from the drain, the circulation pump draws from the surge or collector tank and the surface of the water contained in the tank is maintained at atmospheric pressure.

(12) "High Bather Load" means 90% or greater of the designed maximum bather load."

(13) "Hydrotherapy Pool" means a pool designed primarily for medically prescribed therapeutic use.

(14) "Illuminance Uniformity" means the ratio between the brightest illuminance falling on a surface compared to the lowest illuminance falling on a surface within an area. The value of illuminance falling on a surface is measured in foot candles.

(15) "Instructional Pool" means a pool used solely for purposes of providing water safety and survival instruction taught by a certified instructor. Instructional pools do not include private residential pools. Private residential pools used for swim instruction shall not be considered instructional pools as defined in this rule.

(16) "Interactive Water Feature" means a recirculating water feature designed, installed or used for recreational use, in which there is direct water contact from the feature with the public, and when not in operation, all water drains freely so there is no ponding.

(17) "Lamp Lumens" means the quantity of light, illuminance, produced by a lamp.

(18) "Lifeguard" means an attendant who supervises the safety of bathers.

(19) "Living Unit" means one or more rooms or spaces that are, or can be, occupied by an individual, group of individuals, or a family, temporarily or permanently for residential or overnight lodging purposes. Living units include motel and hotel rooms, condominium units, travel trailers, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, single family homes, and individual units in a multiple unit housing complex.

(20) "Local Health Officer" means the health officer of the local health department having jurisdiction, or his designated representative.

(21) "Onsite Septic System" means an approved onsite waste water system designed, constructed, and operated in accordance with Rule 317-4.

(22) "Pool" means a man-made basin, chamber, receptacle, tank, or tub, above ground or in-ground, which, when filled with water, creates an artificial body of water used for swimming, bathing, diving, recreational and therapeutic uses.

(23) "Pool Deck" means the area contiguous to the outside of the pool curb, diving boards, diving towers and slides.

(24) "Pool Shell" means the rigid encasing structure of a pool that confines the pool water by resisting the hydrostatic pressure of the pool water, resisting the pressure of any exterior soil, and transferring the weight of the pool water (sometimes through other supporting structures) to the soil or the building that surrounds it.

(25) "Private Residential Pool" means a swimming pool, spa pool or wading pool used only by an individual, family, or living unit members and guests, but not serving any type of multiple unit housing complex of four or more living units.

(26) "Public Pool" means a swimming pool, spa pool, wading pool, or special purpose pool facility which is not a private residential pool and may be above ground or in-ground.

(27) "Saturation Index" means a value determined by application of the formula for calculating the saturation index in Table 5, which is based on interrelation of temperature, calcium hardness, total alkalinity and pH which indicates if the pool water is corrosive, scale forming or neutral.

(28) "Spa Pool" means a pool which uses therapy jet circulation, hot water, cold water, bubbles produced by air induction, or any combination of these, to impart a massaging effect upon a bather. Spa pools include, spas, whirlpools, hot tubs, or hot spas.

(29) "Special Purpose Pool" means a pool with design and operational features that provide patrons recreational, instructional, or therapeutic activities which are different from that associated with a pool used primarily for swimming, diving, or spa bathing.

(30) "Splash Pool" means the area of water located at the terminus of a water slide or vehicle slide.

(31) "Swimming Pool" means a pool used primarily for recreational, sporting, or instructional purposes in bathing, swimming, or diving activities.

(32) "Surge Tank" means a tank receiving the gravity flow from an overflow gutter and main drain or drains from which the circulation pump takes water which is returned to the system.

(33) "Turnover" means the circulation of a quantity of water equal to the pool volume through the filter and treatment facilities.

(34) "Vehicle Slide" means a recreational pool where bathers ride vehicles, toboggans, sleds, etc., down a slide to descend into a splash pool.

(35) "Unblockable Drain" means a drain of any size or shape such that a representation of the torso of a 99 percentile adult male cannot sufficiently block it to the extent that it creates a body suction entrapment hazard.

(36) "Wading Pool" means any pool or pool area used or designed to be used by children five years of age or younger for wading or water play activities.

(37) "Waste Water" means discharges of pool water resulting from pool drainage or backwash.

(38) "Water Slide" means a recreational facility consisting of flumes upon which bathers descend into a splash pool.

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