South Dakota Administrative Rules
Chapter 44:20:01 - Definitions and reportable diseases and conditions.
44:20:01:03 - Category I reportable diseases and conditions

44:20:01:03. Category I reportable diseases and conditions. Category I reportable diseases and conditions have a potential for epidemic spread or require rapid application of public health measures to prevent a serious threat to public health or safety. Category I reportable diseases and conditions include:

(1) Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis);

(2) Botulism (Clostridium botulinum);

(3) Brucellosis (Brucella spp);

(4) Coronavirus respiratory syndromes, such as Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) (coronavirus);

(5) Diphtheria (Corynebacterium diphtheriae);

(6) Epidemics or outbreaks:

(a) Acute upper respiratory illness;

(b) Diarrheal disease;

(c) Foodborne;

(d) Healthcare-associated infections;

(e) Illnesses in child care settings;

(f) Rash illness;

(g) Waterborne;

(7) Escherichia coli Shiga toxin-producing (STEC), such as E. coli 0157:H7;

(8) Measles;

(9) Meningococcal disease, invasive (Neisseria meningitidis);

(10) New strains of Influenza A, (such as A/H5N1);

(11) Plague (Yersinia pestis);

(12) Poliomyelitis, paralytic, and non-paralytic;

(13) Rabies, human and animal;

(14) Rubella and congenital rubella syndrome;

(15) Smallpox (Variola);

(16) Syndromes suggestive of bioterrorism and other public health threats;

(17) Tuberculosis, active disease (Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Mycobacterium bovis);

(18) Tularemia (Francisella tularensis);

(19) Viral hemorrhagic fevers (Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever virus, Ebola virus, Lassa virus, Lujo virus, Marburg virus, New World Arenavirus – Guanarito virus, Junin virus, Machupo virus, Sabia virus);

(20) Yellow fever (flavivirus); and

(21) Unexplained illnesses or deaths of humans or animals.

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General Authority: SDCL 34-1-17, 34-22-9, 34-22-12.

Law Implemented: SDCL 34-22-9, 34-22-12.

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