Oklahoma Administrative Code
Title 435 - State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision
Chapter 40 - Registered Electrologists
Section 435:40-1-9 - License renewal and replacement

Universal Citation: OK Admin Code 435:40-1-9

435:40-1-9. License renewal and replacement

(a) Purpose. The purpose of this section is to set out the rules governing electrologist license renewal and replacement.

(b) Date required to renew.

(1) A licensee must renew the license annually.

(2) The application and fee for the renewal of the license shall be postmarked or hand delivered to the Board office not later than December 31st.

(3) Each licensee is responsible for renewing the license on or before the required date and shall not be excused from paying additional fees or penalties.

(c) Renewal procedure.

(1) At least thirty (30) days prior to December 31st, the Board will send an application for renewal of the license, and the amount of the renewal fee due. The licensee must complete the application and return it to the Board office with the required fee. The timely return of the completed renewal form shall be considered confirmation of the receipt of renewal notification.

(2) The license renewal form for all licensees shall require in addition to other information, the preferred mailing address and primary practice address.

(3) The Board shall not consider a license to be renewed until it receives both the completed license renewal form and the required fees set by the Board.

(4) The Board shall issue to a licensee who has met all requirements for renewal a renewal of license identification card.

(d) Late renewal.

(1) The Board shall notify a person who has not renewed a license after a period of more than thirty (30) days that their license is inactive.

(2) A person whose license is inactive for not more than thirty (30) days may renew the license by paying to the Board the required renewal fee and a penalty fee that is one-half of the renewal fee in the form of a certified check or money order.

(3) A person whose license has been inactive for more than thirty (30) days but less than one (1) year of the last day for renewal of the license may renew the license by paying to the Board the unpaid licensure renewal fees, plus a late penalty that is equal to the renewal fee, in the form of a certified check or money order.

(4) A person whose license has been lapsed more than twelve months wishing to re-enter the practice of Electrology will be required to file an application on forms provided by the Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision and pay fees as set by the Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision. Electrologists may be required to meet one or more of the following:

(A) Personal appearance.

(B) One (1) continuing education unit (CEU) for each three (3) years out of practice, not to exceed six (6) CEU's, prorated based on the number of years license expired.

(C) Practice under the direct supervision of a Registered Electrologist licensed in the state of Oklahoma for up to forty (40) hours for each year license lapsed, with the exact number of hours to be established by the Committee. The supervising Registered Electrologist will provide reports to the Committee on the applicant's progress prior to each Advisory Committee meeting.

(D) Retake licensing examination.

(5) Surrender of a license certificate. A person who fails to renew a license after one (1) year is required to surrender the license certificate and license identification card to the Board.

(e) Replacement of license. The Board will replace a lost, damaged or destroyed license certificate or license identification card upon application by the licensee and payment of fees established by the Board. Applications must include an affidavit detailing the loss or destruction of the licensee's original license or license identification card, or be accompanied by the damaged certificate or card.

(f) Continuing education.

(1) Requirements. Applicants for renewal of their certificate as a Registered Electrologist must provide evidence to show successful completion of continuing education and compliance with the following requirements:

(A) A continuing education unit (CEU) is the equivalent of ten contact hours.

(B) The Advisory Committee of Registered Electrologists will oversee the program. CEUs will be awarded by the Committee or the Committee chairperson with ratification by the Committee at the next meeting.

(C) CEUs will be approved according to the established guidelines and accepted proposal or at the discretion of the Committee when the aforementioned are inadequate or inapplicable.

(D) CEUs must be obtained over the designated accounting period for licensure.

(E) CEUs acquired beyond the requirement cannot be credited to the next accounting period.

(F) The accounting period shall be three (3) years and 1.5 CEUs will be required during that period. Licensees shall report to the Committee earned CEUs no later than October 31 of the third year of the accounting period prior. The final two months of the accounting period shall be used by the Committee to review the reported CEUs earned by licensees prior to the renewal date to which the reported CEUs apply.

(G) Submittals must be made on standardized submittal cards signed by the sponsor of the program or activity being submitted for credit.

(H) Submittal cards may be obtained through the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision or the O.S.E.A.

(I) Submittals must be made to the Committee through the Board.

(J) The Board will account for acquired CEUs and yearly notify each Registered Electrologist of the number acquired and the number lacking.

(K) New licentiates will be required to obtain CEUs on a pro rata basis depending upon when they are licensed during the accounting period. Furthermore, no CEUs will be required during the full calendar year in which one is just licensed.

(2) Traditional methods of CEUs.

(A) Workshops

(B) Seminars

(C) Conferences

The above are given by National, Regional or State electrolysis organizations.

(D) Programs attended at OSEA quarterly meetings

(E) Electrolysis related workshop, seminar or conference given by Committee approved school or other Assigned value= 0.1 CEU per hour of program attended.

(F) Journal of Electrology articles and other courses approved by the American Electrology Association.

(3) Alternative Methods of CEUs.

(A) Presentation of electrolysis programs

(i) Presentation at National, Regional or State electrolysis organizational workshops, seminar or conference.

(ii) Other presentation as approved by the Committee Assigned value= .05 to 0.2 CEUs per presentation.

(B) Publications (published or accepted for publication)

(i) Authorship or co-authorship of a book relating to electrolysis. 0.3 CEUs

(ii) Authorship of a chapter in a book or journal article that appears in a professional electrolysis or health journal. 0.2 CEUs

(iii) Authorship of an article, book review or abstract in a National, Regional or State electrolysis or health newsletter or magazine. 0.5 CEUs

(iv) Production of other media such as videotape, slide/ tape presentation, etc. that is available for general viewing as approved by the Committee. Assigned value= 0.05 to 0.3 CEUs per publication or finished product.

(C) Research

(i) Principal or co-investigator, project director or research assistant. Research proposal and final results submitted to Committee for approval.

(ii) Quality assurance studies completed and published in a journal, newsletter or professional magazine. Assigned value= up to 0.4 CEUs per project.

(D) Formal course work

(i) College and university course work directly relating to improvementand advancement in the allied health field.

(ii) College and university courses that are indirectly related, yet support skills and knowledge will be evaluated individually and assigned value accordingly by the Committee (i.e. business, improving human relations, etc.). Assigned value= 0.1 to 0.3 CEUs as approved.

(E) Independent study

(i) Independent reading of articles, books, or journals followed by written or oral review.

(ii) Watching relevant videotapes or programs followed by a written or oral review.

(iii) Listening to electrolysis or other health related seminar tapes followed by a written or oral review.

(iv) Other self-study relevant to the practice of Electrology.

(v) Values will be assigned for each submittal based on relevance to one's practice and the complexity of the material. Assigned value= .05 to 0.1 as approved, not to exceed 0.2 CEUs in one accounting period.

(F) National certification - C.C.E. or C.P.E. Achievement of a National certification by a recognized body such as AEA or SCME will be awarded 0.2 CEUs one time only. Assigned value= 0.2 CEUs one time only.

(G) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification or recertification. Assigned value= up to 0.4 CEUs per accounting period.

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