Oklahoma Administrative Code
Title 120 - Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission
Chapter 10 - Zoning Regulations for Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning District
Subchapter 15 - Sign Age Regulation
120:10-15-3 - Definitions

Universal Citation: OK Admin Code 120:10-15-3

120:10-15-3. Definitions

For the purpose of this Subchapter, words used in present tense shall include the future tense; words in the singular number include the plural and words in the plural include the singular, except where the natural construction of the writing indicates otherwise. The word "shall" is mandatory and not discretionary. In addition, the following words and terms, when used in this Subchapter, shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Advertising sign or structure" means any metal, wood, plastic, plaster, stone, or other sign placed for outdoor advertising purposes on the ground or any wall, post, building, or structure.

"Banner sign" means a non-rigid sign on which characters, letters, illustrations or ornamentations are applied to a flexible substrate.

"Billboard" (including poster and panel types) means a non-accessory sign or sign structure upon which advertising may be posted, painted, or affixed, and which is primarily designed for the rental or lease of the sign space for advertising not related to the use of the property upon which the sign is located.

"Building-mounted sign" means any sign mounted flush against the facade of a building or on the outside wall of any building that is supported throughout its entire length by the wall or walls. Building-mounted signs shall not project more than one foot from the surface of the wall.

"Commission" means the Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission.

"Construction sign" means a temporary sign not greater than 36 square feet in area displayed on or adjacent to property or premises for the purpose of announcing contemplated improvements. One sign per street frontage shall be permitted, but no more than two signs per site.

"Directional sign" means any sign that is designed and erected for the purpose of providing direction and/or orientation for pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

"Illuminated sign" means a sign characterized by the use of artificial light. An internally illuminated sign projects light through its surface(s). An externally illuminated sign reflects light off of its surfaces.

"Informational sign" means a sign that informs or gives notice of something required or of worthwhile attention. Informational signs include, but are not limited to, warning signs, emergency vehicle entrances, hazardous materials, and pedestrian/school crossings.

"Outdoor Advertising sign" means any sign that advertises an activity, service or product and is located on premises other than the premises at which the activity or service occurs or the product is sold or manufactured.

"Pole-mounted sign" means any sign erected on a pole or poles, which is entirely or partially independent of any building for support.

"Portable sign" means any mobile outdoor sign used as a form of temporary advertisement.

"Premises sign" means any sign that identifies the legal or exact firm name of the business on the premises or advertises any service or product being offered for sale.

"Real estate sign" means a temporary non-illuminated sign not greater than 20 square feet in area, displayed for the purpose of offering property or premises for sale or lease.

"Roof sign" means any sign erected across or over the roof of any building.

"Sign face area" means the area comprising the message portion of the sign, not including the support structure, only the face or faces which may be seen from one direction at a time.

"Specialty signage" means on-or off-premises signage, or a system of signage located in a yard area, street median, public or private park with the primary purpose of identifying a development, including residential developments, or providing identification, information, or direction. This definition does not include directional signs or informational signs as defined in this Subchapter.

"Temporary sign" means a sign of a transitory or temporary nature intended to display either commercial or noncommercial messages.

(Amended by Oklahoma Register, Volume 34, Issue 24, September 1, 2017, eff. 9/11/2017)

Added at 23 Ok Reg 1642, eff 6-11-06; Amended at 25 Ok Reg 2143, eff 7-11-08

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