Oklahoma Administrative Code
Title 120 - Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission
Chapter 10 - Zoning Regulations for Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning District
Subchapter 15 - Sign Age Regulation
120:10-15-16 - Provisions for Oklahoma Health Center Signage

Universal Citation: OK Admin Code 120:10-15-16

120:10-15-16. Provisions for Oklahoma Health Center Signage

(a) The high density and intensity of the Oklahoma Health Center and the recommendations of the OHC Master plan for a future development focus on construction of larger more prominent structures with parking garages. The potential for an increase in the campus population and higher concentration of structures within the confines of the subdistrict creates a need to specify certain types of signage for the Health Center Sub-district. Signage design standards should be aesthetically compatible to building materials, appropriate to landscaping and non-impacting to pedestrian connections. Logos and other identification themes related to specific entities should be considered in the design of all identification and on site directional signage. To assist motorist traveling along the street in locating their destination placement, height, visibility and readable signage text are important considerations. The use of a graphic system including directional and wayfinding signage is essential in identifying destinations from distant locations such as major thoroughfares, intersections, parkways or gateways. In designing signage factors such as size, location, color, existing landscape/streetscape and maneuvering around necessary obstructions such as configuration of streets, existing structures, lighting, traffic and other government approved safety/warning signals should also be addressed. No sign shall be installed in any location that impedes vehicular traffic or interrupts pedestrian movement. These regulations will address signage issues specific to the Oklahoma Health Center and only applicable in the Health Center District (HC), Health Center Commercial District (CHC), and the Mixed Use Overlay Zoning District, Health Center Commercial (MXD-1).

(b) All signage installed in the " HC" zoning districts shall be in compliance with all other applicable Sections of this Chapter. The location, installation, and number of signs permitted must be in compliance with this Subchapter. Any sign not defined but permissible in the zoning district and defined in Subchapter 15 of this Chapter may be permitted in the HC zoning districts.

(c) Permissible Signs. The following sign types are permissible in the zoning districts listed in OAC 120:10-15-16(a) of this Subsection, in addition to signage permissible under OAC 120:10-15:

(1) "Light pole banner sign" means a rectangular substrate sign suspended from brackets mounted on a permanent decorative light pole designed to be used as a directional/locator sign, form of temporary advertising display, or to identify a neighborhood association or other district organizations. This type sign is only permitted in off-street parking lots. The Commission shall determine the number permitted based on the location and size of the lot and the off-street parking lot lighting standards of the City of Oklahoma City.

(2) "Building mounted identification signage" means letters and/or logos that identify the facility that are also defined as the sign face area. The overall dimension of the sign face area shall be measured vertically at the highest point of the tallest character or logo and horizontally at the longest line of text. Building mounted signs shall cover no more than 25% of building wall or building section on which it is installed.

(3) "Campus/Complex directional signage system" means a system of large usually post mounted 2-sided signs strategically placed in the most visible locations within the street right-of-way containing a message system that directs, locates, and identifies a unified complex of buildings, structures, and functions. Signage may be lit from an internal source or indirectly lit.

(4) "Decorative, insignia, and flags means" flags, emblems, and insignias of the United States, the State, and municipal and other bodies of established government, or flags which display the recognized symbol of a school, nonprofit and/or non commercial organization.

(5) "Ground mounted signage means" a sign installed on the ground or mounted to a base attached to the ground that may be installed at a height 2 feet above the top of the second story level of the main building measured at the highest elevation of the site on which the sign will be located. The sign height may be increased based on the height of the building.

(6) "Internal directional signage" means a group of signs containing letters and/or logo providing directions to specific locations within a complex of buildings or a mixed use building.

(7) "Kiosk" means a freestanding prefabricated structure that may be partially enclosed constructed of weather sustainable materials used for the purpose of advertising or displaying information and providing a vehicular and pedestrian navigation system including interactive displays directing persons to specific destinations within the Oklahoma Health Center and providing information regarding Health Center or other community events. This type signage is only permitted in strategic locations in the Health Center (HC) and Health Center Commercial (CHC) zoning districts.

(8) "Mixed used building signage" means signage used to identify multiple tenants or multiple functions within one structure. Identification of the primary user may occupy the majority of space on the sign face all other identification text shall be installed horizontally on a single sign face or on individual panels, identical in size with one line of text characters and logos identifying each individual tenant or function. A building under single ownership with multiple functions signage may identify each use on one sign located at the entrance to the building or at the location most visible from the street.

(9) "Monument sign means" an architecturally designed sign preferably constructed of concrete, rock, stone, or other masonry material used to identify a campus or complex of buildings of common or uncommon ownership. The dimensions of the sign shall be determined by the Commission based on the proposed location and the size of the complex. Additional landscaping may be required.

(10) "Regulatory sign" means an informational sign that may be pole mounted or mounted and fastened flat against a building wall that is used to provide a warning regarding health and safety issues. These type signs can be no larger than 2 square feet in area or 24 inches in diameter.

(d) Landscape area required.

(1) All ground mounted identification signage shall provide a landscaped area containing one square foot of plantings for every 2 square feet of the sign base or a fraction thereof located within 10 feet of the base of the sign. Turf grass shall not be used to satisfy this requirement.

(2) Landscape planting can include but is not limited to, ground cover, ornamental grasses, flowing plants, shrubs or miniature trees planted along the base of the sign spaced at a distance that will allow plantings to achieve full growth potential. Planted at a height that at maturity will not interfere with the visibility and readability of the sign message. All plants must be compatible to the Oklahoma City environment.

(Amended by Oklahoma Register, Volume 34, Issue 24, September 1, 2017, eff. 9/11/2017)

Added at 29 Ok Reg 1697, eff 7-26-12

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