New York Codes, Rules and Regulations
Chapter XXI - Annual Program Plans
Part 2302 - Fiscal Year 1978 Annual Program Plan For Libraries And Learning Resources And Educational Innovation And Support
Section 2302.28 - Program for strengthening leadership resources of state educational agencies-activity g

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 38, September 21, 2022

Expanding educational opportunities.

(a) Specific objective. The objective is to promote and encourage the expansion of educational opportunities in order to continuously anticipate and meet the diverse and changing needs of individuals in New York State.

(b) Specific activities.

(1) Support for educational exchange and comparative education.
(i) Serving as a clearinghouse for information on teacher exchange, student travel, and study abroad programs for all local school districts in New York State. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Inclusion in newsletters and Mailings to all local school districts announcements of relevant and relevant supervisors information and by personal correspondence.

(ii) Assisting local community leaders in developing a knowledge of other peoples and nations. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Programming foreign visitors to An estimated 500 will be programmed by localities for varying lengths of June 1978 time. 2. Working with established local Organization of at least one conference community groups to develop for this purpose public awareness of major global issues. 3. Serving as a liaison with Joint projects will be initiated through national agencies in promoting the National Council for Community international exchange and Services training programs. 4. Strengthening the department's Exchange of instructional material with knowledge of foreign educational other nations, reviewing materials in practices. foreign area studies produced by other units hosting an anticipated 200 foreign visitors who will come to observe department activities

(iii) Fostering an intercultural dimension in local schools and in government with person-to-person programs. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Cooperating in student exchange programs.

(2) Develop programs in non-western studies.
(i) To provide local communities, civic organizations, and leaders in commerce, industry and labor with an opportunity to study world economic, social and cultural forces on the State and its communities. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Three regional forums. Development of better understanding of key issues of interdependence--200 community leaders--June 30, 1978 2. Development of a handbook of Distribution of handbook to schools and data on the interdependence of communities in New York State--June 1978 New York State economy. 3. Development of network of Lists of key community leaders and State community leaders in this State Education Department personnel--June 1978 who can assist in later community projects and public forums.

(ii) To develop greater knowledge and respect for the achievements of other cultures and to develop comprehension of the continuities and cultural transfers among cultures. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Planning an overseas seminar Development of teaching units on India by 20 in India for the summer of teachers and curriculum coordinators 1978. available to all 745 school districts and to all college faculty in New York State 2. Creating teaching materials Production and dissemination of 12 teaching for college level and units, experimental lesson plans, pre-collegiate level students bibliographies, audiovisual materials, about the life and culture of case study materials, etc. on India--June India. 1978 3. Programming a foreign Fifty schools and 100 teachers and their curriculum consultant from classes will participate in the program, Latin America to schools in New resulting bibliography will be available York State. to all school districts in New York State 4. Advising school districts Dissemination of newsletters, announcements about recent instructional and free materials to all school districts materials in international in New York State and 11,000 individuals studies and global studies and grants for study abroad. 5. Advising school leaders and Holding of a conference on funding--Spring college administrators on 1978--dissemination of information in funding possibilities for newsletters to all colleges in New York international studies. State. 6. Sponsorship of teacher Three workshops on three different culture workshops and in-service regions will be conducted. Up to 600 key seminars on non-western teachers will be invited to attend--by cultures. June 1978 7. Promulgating the results of Publication of bibliographies and guides recent scholarship in area under Federally funded bibliography studies, e.g., Asian, African, projects of the foreign area materials, Latin American studies to over 500 scholars at college and university level.

(iii) Encouraging regional, national, inter-institutional cooperation in international studies. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or product--due date 1. Publication Publication of a newsletter of the intercultural studies of materials information service which is distributed to institutions of citing higher learning in the United States. At least one opportunities conference on extrinsic funding sources to be conducted for before June 1978 cooperation.

(3) Support of statewide committee on educational opportunity.
(i) Improving the department's capacity for planning, analysis, research and evaluation in the area of providing postsecondary access to disadvantaged populations. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Better understanding of performance Dissemination of results in indicators for minority students. Staff publication and at collect data from all programs and prepare conferences--spring 1978 analysis. 2. Research sponsored by committee is Report on RIT --Model-- spring undertaken. 1978 3. Publications by the committee of its September 1977 sponsored conferences.

(ii) Coordination of State and Federal legislation aimed at the disadvantaged student population. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Staff collect data and prepare analyses Report to committee--fall 1977 on existing law, rules and regulations--State and Federal. 2. Committee prepares recommendations and Clearer Federal and State laws and delivers testimony. regulations--spring 1978

(iii) Improve the Education Department's capabilities for providing services and assistance to educational institutions by developing and promoting educational programs and practices that meet the diverse and changing needs of individuals of New York State. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Staff work with all sectors to Publications--fall 1977 secure agreement on common data formats and definitions. 2. Individual program managers receive Improved programs--fall 1977 and spring technical assistance from staff. 1978 3. Staff analyses presented to Dissemination through media, committee and committee directs conferences, publications, dissemination. professional contacts and legislative staff seminars--summer/fall 1977 and spring 1978

(4) Museum education and extension.
(i) Make available, to schools throughout the State, museum objects, specimens and interpretive materials on a loan basis. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Assemble and Approximately 70,000 children utilizing 2,500 individual distribute loan kits will receive a unit of education based museum kits. material--1978

(ii) Encourage and support the initiation and expansion of education programs sponsored by museums for schools. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Guide the Museum trustees, directors and their representatives development of will be advised by the Museum Extension Office museum activities in regarding their functions and programs under support of Education Law--1978 education. 2. Visit museums. Present and proposed education programs sponsored by museums in New York will be evaluated 3. Disseminate Information about successful programs will appear in information about the quarterly publication "Museums in the News"--1978 museum education practices.

(iii) Develop and improve educational activities for schools visiting the state museum as a model for other museums throughout the State. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Provide museum Approximately 25,000 school children from surrounding services to children communities will receive instruction from the museum visiting the State education staff An additional 25,000 will use museum and provide learning guides prepared by the education staff and learning guides for distributed through school teachers use in schools.

(5) Consultative services for colleges and university financial assistance programs.
(i) Review and develop student financial aid programs for purposes of post secondary planning. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Assist in the annual mandated evaluation of the A report by the Board of State student financial aid programs administered Regents to the Governor by the New York Higher Education Services and legislature on State Corporation. Help prepare evaluation report to be student financial aid submitted to the Governor and legislature with programs--December 1, regents recommendations. 1978 2. Assist in the annual review of the budget of the Report by the Board of New York Higher Education Services Corporation. Regents on HESC budget--September 1, 1977 3. Participate in preparation of regents Brochures by the Board of legislative proposals on State and Federal Regents on State and student financial aid programs. Federal student financial aid programs-- October 1, 1977 4. Provide advice in development and amendment of Regulations of Board of commissioner's regulations on State student Regents on State student financial aid programs, including such matters as financial aid full and part-time study, use of awards in program--June 30, 1978 approved programs and determinations on other awards that are concurrent with State awards. 5. Analyze relationship of Federal and State Reports to Deputy student aid programs and their impact on Commissioner of Higher financing of post-secondary study. and Professional Education --June 30, 1978 6. Attend conferences related to student financial Reports to Deputy aid programs and maintain liaison with State and Commissioner of Higher Federal agencies and associations as well as and Professional national associations such as the College Board, Education --June 30, College Scholarship Services and the National 1978 Association of State Scholarship and Grant Programs.

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