New York Codes, Rules and Regulations
Chapter XXI - Annual Program Plans
Part 2302 - Fiscal Year 1978 Annual Program Plan For Libraries And Learning Resources And Educational Innovation And Support
Section 2302.26 - Program for strengthening leadership resources of state educational agencies-activity e

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 38, September 21, 2022

Education Department consultative assistance to local education institutions to improve their planning, management and evaluation capabilities.

(a) Specific objective. The objective is to improve the planning, management and evaluation capabilities of local education institutions in order that limited resources are used efficiently and effectively in achieving intended objectives.

(b) Specific activities.

(1) Performance indicators in education (PIE).
(i) To continue the dissemination of the PIE report at the district level and extend reporting to the school building level. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Data file maintenance, analyses, and Annual District PIE Report report production. January 1978 Building Level PIE Report May 1977; January 1978 2. Provide consultation to both department Ongoing and local district staffs. 3. Conduct research on selected school Ad hoc reports: intermittent processes. 4. Analyze, interpret and translate outcomes.

(2) Higher education management systems.
(i) Developing tools and procedures to assist institutions to handle their internal planning and management problems more effectively. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Introduce Conference of institutions in Mid-Hudson region to discuss institutions department project, NCHEMS procedures, and long-term to NCHEMS objectives--July 1977 procedures. 2. Develop New NCHEMS procedures will suffice in most instances, but where York State New York State has special needs, special procedures will be procedures. developed--July 1977 to June 1978 3. Direct Visit institutions to establish planning procedures, to assistance to provide direct assistance (consultation, selected materials, institutions. and seed money for computer processing), to develop more effective planning and management systems. This assistance is designed to give institutions the ability to carry on these activities independently in the future--July 1977 to June 1978

(ii) Develop better information on student demand for higher education for use in formulating State-level financing strategies. Work Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date tasks 1. Collect Two surveys are anticipated: one for those attending college to survey gather insights about choice of institution, and the other for data. those not attending college to gather insights about student decisions to attend or not to attend college--December 1977 2. Analyze At least three analyses will be performed: development of price survey elasticities (i.e. estimates of changes in enrollments that would data. occur in response to changes in costs to students) for use in our financial planning model, identification of factors that are important in estimating student demand for higher education; and development of insights about the relative preferences of students for different institutions in the state--April 1978 3. Apply The major application of the findings of the analyses is expected the to be in the State financial planning model maintained by the results department. In addition, the results should be useful in a number to State of other planning situations. planning needs. 4. To the extent this effort is successful we plan to document our Document procedures so that others can replicate them if they so desire results for other States.

(iii) Develop specifications, procedures, and file structures for an information system for the licensed professions. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Develop system Design specifications for the information system, including design. file structures, contents and definition--September 1977 2. Develop data Survey instruments for collecting basic data from collection professional education programs in New York instruments. State--October 1977 3. Develop storage Identify the computer to be used for the system and prepare and retrieval programs for loading, storage and retrieval of capacity. data--April 1978

(3) Cooperative review/reregistration.
(i) Regular visitation on a seven-year cycle to all public and nonpublic secondary schools for the purpose of enforcing minimum standards and strengthening educational programs throughout the State, with special emphasis on career education. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Identify and Schedule visits to 150 secondary schools and 90 schedule schools for elementary feeder schools--July-September 1977 registration visits. 2. Field visits by SED Evaluation of programs--September 1977-June 1978 staff. 3. Preparation of field Analysis of programs and recommendation of reports. reregistration for qualified secondary schools September 1977-June 1978

(ii) Follow-up supervisory assistance by SED specialists as determined advisable after reregistration visits. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. Follow-up field Technical assistance provided September 1977-June 1978 visits by SED staff. 2. Preparation of Analysis of programs and recommendations for follow-up field improvement--September 1977-June 1978 reports. District reports on program improvements affected--September 1977-June 1978

(4) Categorical programs evaluation.
(i) Specific objective. To evaluate the statewide effectiveness of additional apportionment appropriations to school districts for special programs. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. To collect pre- and post-test data from Completion of data aggregation all districts operating programs for and file editing--January 1978 pupils with special educational needs and for pupils with handicapping conditions. 2. To analyze and interpret results relative Annual report to legislature, to the effectiveness of the funded regents and school districts, programs. as required by law--May 1978

(ii) Special objective. To isolate those aspects of the educational process which contribute to academic achievement and to determine extent to which various categorically aided programs foster and sustain pupil growth from year to year. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. To collect pupil achievement data and Ad hoc reports of cross-sectional other salient information form a analyses (intermittent) representative sample of school districts. 2. To analyze and interpret results and Longitudinal report of three-year disseminate findings. aggregation--June 1978

(5) Competency-based teacher education (CBTE):
(i) Specific objective. To complete the review of approximately 500 collegiate program proposals for the preparation of teachers of secondary academic subjects submitted under the department's CBTE guidelines. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date By June 30, 1978: 1. To evaluate All proposals on hand as of September 1, 1977 will have been proposals using evaluated department criteria. 2. To recommend A recommendation will have been made on each program department proposal evaluated. The recommendation will fall into one action on each of four categories as follows: proposal. Preliminary Registration: 55 percent Limited Registration: 25 percent Rejection: 6 percent Returned for more information: 14 percent

(ii) Specific objective. To use an alternative method of registering operating CBTE programs with 20 institutions. Work tasks Anticipated accomplishments or products--due date 1. To identify 20 operating CBTE programs Programs to be identified and preparing teachers of elementary grades their agreement to participate and teachers of handicapped children. obtained by August 1, 1977 2. The alternative method involving use of Instruments will be sent to the inventory instruments will be administered higher education institutions to persons associated with each of the 20 by October 1, 1977 and returned programs. by December 1, 1977 3. Consultants will be employed to make Visits will be completed by April evaluative visits to each program. 1, 1978 4. Reports on the visits and the results of Analysis will be completed by the inventory instruments will be analyzed June 30, 1978 for congruence.

(iii) Specific objective. A proposed State policy on inservice education will be submitted to the Board of Regents at their January 1978 meeting.

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