New York Codes, Rules and Regulations
Chapter VIII - Institutional Programs
Part 720 - Inmate Correspondence Program
Section 720.8 - Postage

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 38, September 21, 2022

(a) Purchase/possession of stamps.

(1) Inmates may not receive stamps through the mail or through inmate packages.

(2) The maximum value of stamps in an inmate's personal possession should not exceed $22.50.

(3) Postage shall be made available by the sale of stamps in the commissary. Inmates may purchase up to 50 domestic first class stamps for one ounce letters per commissary buy.

(4) An inmate, who has sufficient funds available in his inmate account, may purchase postage by attaching a disbursement form to a letter only in the following circumstances:
(i) the inmate is newly arrived at a facility, has no stamps, and has not yet had an opportunity for a commissary buy;

(ii) the inmate has had commissary buy privileges suspended and is not eligible for or does not get a special commissary buy;

(iii) a particular letter or parcel, because of size, weight, special handling, or any other special postal feature requires an unusual amount of postage; or

(iv) there are extenuating circumstances which, in the discretion of the superintendent, warrant processing a disbursement form.

(5) An inmate who has lost commissary privileges shall be able to make a monthly "stamp buy" of up to 50 domestic first class stamps for one ounce letters. This special buy shall be offered within 72 hours of the imposition of the penalty and every 30 days thereafter. Inmates who have been admitted to a special housing unit shall be offered a "stamp buy" within 72 hours of admission and every 30 days thereafter.

(b) Free postage.

(1) Inmates may receive free postage for privileged correspondence. See Part 721 of this Title.

(2) Inmates received at reception/classification facilities (except cadre) shall be allotted free postage in the amount equivalent to five domestic first class letters of one ounce per week for personal correspondence for a period not to exceed four weeks.

(3) Inmates may not accumulate, from week to week, credit for unused postage.

(c) Advances for legal postage. Funds may be advanced to an inmate for the purpose of sending legal mail in accordance with the procedures set forth in Part 721 of this Title.

(d) Advances for personal postage. Funds may be advanced to an inmate for one domestic first class one ounce letter per month in the following circumstances:

(1) The inmate has been confined to SHU for disciplinary or administrative segregation for 30 days or more, and has a zero or negative account balance.

(2) The inmate has been in keeplock status for 30 days or more, has lost telephone privileges, and has a zero or negative account balance.

(3) The inmate has lost telephone privileges, has a zero or negative account balance, and has not refused to accept available program assignments.

(e) Inmate organizations. Inmate organizations must pay the postage costs for all of their outgoing mail.

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