New York Codes, Rules and Regulations
Chapter VI - Transportation Regulations
Subchapter E - Motor Carriers Article
Article 4 - Rates and Charges
Part 826 - Construction And Filing Of Tariffs Of Common Carriers
Section 826.3 - Title page

Current through Register Vol. 45, No. 13, March 29, 2023

The title page of each tariff and supplement shall show information in the following order:

(a) Tariff designation.

(1) Tariffs and supplements must be filed under consecutive DOT-NY-M.T. numbers beginning with No. 1, which numbers must be shown in the upper marginal spaces on the title page as follows:

DOT-NY-M.T. No. ________

(2) When a new tariff is issued as canceling a previously filed tariff or tariffs, the numbers of the tariffs to be canceled must be shown immediately under the number of the new tariff.


DOT-NY-M.T. No. 4


DOT-NY-M.T. Nos. 1 and 2

(b) Supplement designation.

(1) The number of a supplement to a tariff shall be shown as follows:

Supplement No. ________


DOT-NY-M.T. No. ________

(2) When a supplement is issued as canceling a previously filed supplement or supplements, the numbers of the supplements to be canceled must be shown together with the numbers of the supplements continuing in effect.


Supplement No. 3


DOT-NY-M.T. No. 1

Cancels Supplement No. 2

Supplements Nos. 1 and 3 contain all changes

(c) Name of issuing carrier or agent.

(1) The name of the issuing carrier or agent, in bold type or capital letters, shall follow the number of the tariff or supplement. The name, if a carrier, must be the same as that appearing in its certificate issued by Department of Transportation, State of New York (or in its application if no certificate has been issued). If a carrier is not a corporation and a trade name is used, the name of the individual or partners must precede the trade name, but in either instance the certificate or case number of the operator who issues the tariff must be shown.



doing business as

ABC Transportation Company

(Certificate No.________)

(2) When two or more carriers join in a through rate, the names of the parties to the tariff must be shown in connection with the name of the issuing carrier together with references to the numbers of the concurrences authorizing such participation (See § 826.10 ).


ABC Transportation Company

In Connection with

John Doe Trucking Corporation, N.Y.-M.T.3-No. 10

William Doe Motor Company, Inc., N.Y.-M.T.-3-No. 4

(3) If there be more than 10 participating carriers, their names and concurrence forms and numbers must be shown in the body of the tariff following the table of contents, or if there be no table of contents, on the first inside page.

(d) Description of tariff. Whether tariff or supplement is local, joint, proportional, or a combination of same, and whether class, commodity, or a combination of both, followed by a brief description of the contents of the tariff or supplement and a brief description of the points from and to or between which it applies.

(e) Dates, issued and effective.

(1) Date of issue and date upon which the tariff, supplement, or revised page is to become effective.

(2) If any matter has an effective date other than the general effective date, the latter must be followed by a notation somewhat like the following: "Except as otherwise provided herein", "Except as provided in Item ________", or "Except as provided on page ________".

(f) Name and address of officer or agent. Name, title, and address of issuing officer or agent.

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