New York Codes, Rules and Regulations
Chapter VI - Transportation Regulations
Subchapter E - Motor Carriers
Article 4 - Rates and Charges
Part 826 - Construction And Filing Of Tariffs Of Common Carriers
Section 826.2 - Construction and filing of tariffs

Current through Register Vol. 46, No. 12, March 20, 2024

(a) Form; size; printing; loose-leaf designations. All tariffs and supplements thereto must be in book, pamphlet, or loose-leaf form of size 8 inches by 11 inches.

(1) Tariffs and supplements must be plainly printed, mimeographed, planographed, stereotyped, or reproduced by other similar durable process on paper of good quality. Typewritten tariffs or supplements will not be accepted for filing. Mimeographing will be permitted on only one side of a sheet. No alteration in writing or erasure shall be made in any tariff or supplement.

(2) A margin of not less than five eighths of an inch without any printing thereon must be allowed at the left-hand binding edge of each tariff and supplement.

(3) Pages of a loose-leaf tariff must be consecutively numbered as "Original" pages, and each page must show the name of the carrier and the tariff number in the upper marginal space; the issued and effective dates and the name, title, and address of the issuing officer in the lower marginal space.

(4) Revised pages making changes in or additions to loose-leaf tariffs shall be designated as "First Revised Page No. ________", "Second Revised Page No. ________", etc.


First Revised Page No. 5


Original Page No. 5

(5) If, on account of expansion of matter on any page, it becomes necessary to add an additional page in order to take care of additional matter, such additional page shall be given the same page number with a letter suffix, for example: "Original Page No. 4A", "Original Page No. 4B", etc.

(b) Statutory notice. All tariffs and supplements, except initial filings, must be filed and posted at least 30 days before the effective date thereof, unless otherwise authorized by the commissioner.

(c) Number of copies. Issuing carriers or their agents shall transmit to the commissioner two copies of each tariff, supplement, or revised page. All copies shall be included in one package together with the statutory filing fee of five dollars for each publication and a letter of transmittal (in duplicate if receipt is desired) addressed to Department of Transportation, State of New York, Albany, N.Y. The transmittal letter shall list all tariffs and supplements or revised pages and shall state that they are transmitted for filing in compliance with the requirements of Transportation Law. All postage or other transportation charges must be prepaid.

(d) Agency tariffs. Local tariffs of any carrier must be issued and filed by such carrier, except that a duly appointed agent publishing the joint rates of such carrier, except that a duly appointed agent publishing the joint rates of such carrier may include in such agency tariff the local rates of such carrier, or a duly appointed agent may include in one agency tariff (1) all local class rates, (2) all local commodity rates, or (3) all rates on a single commodity or group of commodities taking the same rates or rates definitely related to such group rates, published by the agent for account of all carriers for which he acts as agent.

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