New York Codes, Rules and Regulations
Appendix 5-B - APPENDIX 5-B
Section 5-B.5 - Water well pumps: construction, installation, repair and maintenance

Current through Register Vol. 43, No. 52, December 29, 2021

All of the following provisions apply to water well pumps, construction, installation, repair, and maintenance:

(a) All water supply system equipment shall be easily accessible for maintenance or repair.

(b) A pump shall be installed so that there are no unprotected openings into the interior of the pump or the well casing.

(c) Drop pipe shall be: a continuous unspliced length, except where spliced and adequately joined to accommodate use of a check valve or where spliced and adequately joined to support a depth extension on an existing well pump, of plastic pipe approved for use with drinking water with a minimum working pressure of 160 pounds per square inch containing a label or imprint indicating compliance with NSF or UL; or threaded and coupled schedule 80 or heavier PVC pipe containing a label or imprint indicating compliance with NSF or UL; or threaded and coupled galvanized steel, stainless steel or copper pipe. In addition, drop pipe should be sufficiently sized and installed to accommodate potential working stresses considering well depth, pumping level, pump size, and pump setting.

(d) A hand pump shall have a closed, downward facing, screened spout and a sealed pump rod packing assembly. A weep hole shall be installed in a hand pump discharge riser pipe below the frost line to protect the riser pipe and pump head from freezing.

(e) A casing vent shall be provided on all well caps and seals, except for those used on double pipe-packer jet installations. A vent shall be screened, downward facing, and terminate at least 12 inches above grade or six inches above the floor of a well house.

(f) Vent screening shall be 20 to 30 mesh per inch screen, shall not reduce the vent open area by more than 50 percent, and shall be stainless steel or other non-corrodible material.

(g) Well caps and seals shall be tightly secured to the well casing, watertight, vermin-proof, and provide venting as noted in this section. Split caps shall not be used.

(h) Only lubricants with a label indicating compliance as USDA, USFDA, or NSF approved food contact grade formulations shall be used as submersible pump motor and vertical turbine shaft lubricants.

(i) After a new well has been constructed or an existing well has been repaired or serviced in a manner that requires the opening of the well casing, the well shall be pumped to waste until the pumped water is reasonably clear. After pumping to waste, the well, pumping equipment, and building plumbing shall be disinfected before being put into use.

N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. Tit. 10app 5-B § 5-B.5

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