New Jersey Administrative Code
Title 3 - BANKING

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 36, June 19, 2023

Effective: November 23, 2021.
See: 53 N.J.R. 2135(d).
Chapter 18, Secondary Mortgage Loan Act of 1965 Regulations, was filed and became effective prior to September 1, 1969. Subchapter 5, Legal Fees, was adopted as R.1973 d.32, effective February 8, 1973. See: 4 N.J.R. 299(c), 5 N.J.R. 33(a). Subchapter 6, Solicitation of Business, was adopted as R.1973 d.280, effective September 26, 1973. See: 5 N.J.R. 182(c), 5 N.J.R. 364(c). Subchapter 6 was repealed by R.1977 d.221, effective June 22, 1977. See: 9 N.J.R. 304(b). A new Subchapter 6, Pledging of Receivables, was adopted as R.1978 d.41, effective January 30, 1978. See: 9 N.J.R. 555(b), 10 N.J.R. 92(b). Subchapter 7, Advertising, was adopted as R.1973 d.133, effective June 7, 1973. See: 5 N.J.R. 5(b), 5 N.J.R. 183(a). Subchapter 8, Licensed Places of Business, was adopted as R.1974 d.135, effective June 6, 1974. See: 6 N.J.R. 167(a), 6 N.J.R. 255(a). Subchapter 9, Interest Rate Regulation Number One, was adopted as Emergency New Rules by R.1974 d.199, effective July 22, 1974. See: 6 N.J.R. 298(a). Emergency amendments to Subchapter 9 were adopted as R.1975 d.53, effective March 12, 1975; R.1978 d.404, effective November 24, 1978; and R.1980 d.17, effective January 14, 1980. See: 7 N.J.R. 128(a); 11 N.J.R. 4(b); 12 N.J.R. 63(a). Subchapter 10, Licensing, was adopted as R.1988 d.36, effective January 19, 1988. See: 19 N.J.R. 1929(a), 20 N.J.R. 183(b).
Subchapter 1, Additional Licensee Requirements; Subchapter 3, General; and Subchapter 9, Interest Rate Regulation Number One, were repealed, and a new Subchapter 1, General Provisions; Subchapter 3, Mortgage Loans; Subchapter 9, Disclosure of Terms; and Subchapter 11, Assignment of Secondary Mortgage Loans, were adopted by R.1993 d.50, effective January 19, 1993. See: 24 N.J.R. 2760(a), 25 N.J.R. 285(a).
Pursuant to Executive Order No. 66(1978), Chapter 18 was readopted as R.1993 d.55, effective December 24, 1992. See: 24 N.J.R. 3982(a), 25 N.J.R. 463(b).
Subchapter 12, Approved Business Activities; Insurance, was adopted as R.1995 d.14, effective January 3, 1995. See: 26 N.J.R. 3920(a), 27 N.J.R. 89(b).
Chapter 18, Secondary Mortgage Loan Act Rules, was repealed by R.1997 d.257, effective June 16, 1997. See: 29 N.J.R. 1489(a), 29 N.J.R. 2641(a).
Chapter 18, Foreclosure Consultants, was readopted, effective January 6, 2014. See: 45 N.J.R. 969(a), 46 N.J.R. 65(a).
In accordance with N.J.S.A. 52:14B-5.1, Chapter 18, Foreclosure Consultants, was scheduled to expire on January 6, 2021. Pursuant to Executive Order Nos. 127 (2020) and 244 (2021) and P.L. 2021, c. 103, any chapter of the New Jersey Administrative Code that would otherwise have expired during the Public Health Emergency originally declared in Executive Order No. 103 (2020) is extended through January 1, 2022. Chapter 18, Foreclosure Consultants, was readopted with technical changes, effective November 23, 2021. See: Source and Effective Date. See, also, section annotations.


N.J.S.A. 17:1-8.1, 17:1-15.e, and 46:10B-68.

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