New Jersey Administrative Code
Section 17:9-10.6 - Requirements for formal, advertised, sealed bidding

Universal Citation: NJ Admin Code 17:9-10.6

Current through Register Vol. 55, No. 48, December 18, 2023

(a) In order to be eligible for consideration for award of contract, the bidder's bid proposal must:

1. Be submitted on or before the opening date and time and at the place specified in the RFP;

2. Be signed by an individual with the authority to legally bind the bidder;

3. Include all required completed forms;

4. Be accompanied by bid security when required;

5. Include pricing information;

6. Be preceded by the bidder's attendance at any pre-bid conference for which attendance is mandatory. However, the Director reserves the right to allow a vendor to meet a pre-bid conference attendance requirement by listening to a tape recording of the pre-bid conference. This right may be exercised by the Director upon a vendor's verifiable demonstration of extenuating circumstances, which prevented attendance, or for other factors deemed, by the Director, to be in the State's best interest;

7. Contain initials of an individual with the authority to legally bind the bidder adjacent to any price alterations. If a unit price in a bid proposal has been altered or appears to be an alteration, the initials must appear adjacent to the alteration. Examples of alterations include, but are not limited to, cross outs, erasures, whiteouts, writeovers, and strikeovers, with re-entered prices;

8. Be prepared in ink or typewritten. If information essential to a bid evaluation, including, but not limited to, price, terms and production description, is submitted in pencil, the bid proposal shall be rejected unless that same essential information appears elsewhere in the bid proposal, either typewritten or printed, and provided that the information is entirely consistent with the information submitted in pencil and does not invite any other interpretation;

9. Include a completed Ownership Disclosure Form or have a completed Ownership Disclosure Form on file with the State, in conformance with 52:25-24.2; and

10. Be sealed. Telephone, telefacsimile or electronic bid proposals will not be accepted for publicly advertised bid solicitations requiring the submittal of sealed bids.

(b) Any bid proposal failing to comply with the provisions of (a) above shall be subject to automatic rejection.

(c) The Commission may reject all bid proposals received when in the public interest to do so.

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