New Jersey Administrative Code
Section 14:9-7.6 - Petition contents

Universal Citation: NJ Admin Code 14:9-7.6

Current through Register Vol. 55, No. 48, December 18, 2023

(a) This section sets forth the content requirements for a petition for:

1. Approval of an initial PWAC or PSTAC;

2. Approval of a year-end true up schedule; and

3. Approval of an adjustment to a PWAC or PSTAC for a year following the year of the initial PWAC or PSTAC.

(b) A petition submitted under this subchapter shall include the following:

1. A copy of the contracts for purchased water or purchased wastewater, which formed the basis for the utility's most recent base rate case or adjustment clause case, whichever is later;

2. Copies of the present and proposed purchased water or wastewater contracts, including price and detailed financial statements of associated expenses;

3. The actual number and classes of customers that the utility serves:
i. As approved in the utility's most recent base rate case or adjustment clause case, whichever is later; and

ii. As of the end of the most recent calendar year;

4. The actual volume of water or wastewater treatment purchased:
i. As approved in the utility's most recent base rate case or adjustment clause case, whichever is later; and

ii. As of the end of the most recent calendar year;

5. An estimate of the cost per unit of volume of water or wastewater treatment that the utility will purchase under contracts during the upcoming year if the Board approves the PWAC or PSTAC. The utility shall develop this estimate using the methodology approved by the Board in the utility's most recent base rate case or adjustment clause case, whichever is later;

6. A proposed tariff sheet, entitled "Purchased Water Adjustment Clause" or "Purchased Wastewater Treatment Adjustment Clause" that shows all rate schedules in the tariff that will be affected by the clause, if approved, and how each rate schedule will be affected;

7. A copy of each Board Order that approves rates, which was issued as a result of the utility's most recent base rate case or its most recent adjustment clause case;

8. A detailed description of all of the following:
i. The utility's efforts to investigate the basis for any cost increase proposed by its purveyor;

ii. The utility's findings and results of the investigation conducted under i above;

iii. The utility's efforts to negotiate with the purveyor to ensure that the charges are such that they will not hamper the utility's efforts to ensure that its rates are just and reasonable;

9. A list of expenditures that a utility must make to conduct a rate case in accordance with Board procedures, including, but not limited to, consulting, legal and accounting fees; costs of the public notice, room rental, court reporter and transcripts for the public hearing; the cost of any necessary changes to customer invoices; and other traditional rate case expenses; and

10. At the utility's discretion, the utility may include a request for compression or deferred accounting.

(c) The Board shall not accept or consider a request for deferred accounting of PWAC or PSTAC amounts except in the context of an adjustment clause proceeding. The amount that the Board will permit the utility to defer may be adjudicated in a subsequent filing of an adjustment clause or base rate case.

(d) If the Board approves deferred accounting, the utility shall pay interest on the deferred amount in accordance with 14:3-13.3.

(e) A utility shall serve a copy of each petition subject to this section, and all supporting exhibits, upon Rate Counsel simultaneously with the filing of the petition with the Board.

(f) In reviewing a petition subject to this subchapter, the Board may consider such additional relevant information or financial analysis as it deems appropriate.

Amended by R.1996 d.207, effective 5/6/1996.
See: 28 N.J.R. 1190(a), 28 N.J.R. 2405(b).
Rewrote (a).
Amended by R.2001 d.133, effective 5/7/2001.
See: 33 N.J.R. 367(a), 33 N.J.R. 1392(b).
In (a)5, substituted "The" for "Said" and "that" for "which" in the second sentence; rewrote (a)6; in (a)7, substituted "shall" for "will" in the third sentence; and in (e), substituted "of the petition" for "thereof" preceding "with the Board".
Recodified from N.J.A.C. 14:9-7.4 and amended by R.2006 d.367, effective 10/16/2006.
See: 38 N.J.R. 1538(a), 38 N.J.R. 4490(b).
Section was "Petition for purchased water adjustment clauses; content; procedures". Rewrote the section. Former N.J.A.C. 14:9-7.6, Formula for determination of costs by a water utility using a metered basis, combined with former N.J.A.C. 14:9-7.5 as new 14:9-7.7.
Amended by R.2014 d.049, effective 3/17/2014.
See: 45 N.J.R. 2174(a), 46 N.J.R. 550(a).
In (d), updated the N.J.A.C. reference.

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