New Jersey Administrative Code
Section 14:8-4.2 - Net metering definitions

Universal Citation: NJ Admin Code 14:8-4.2
Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 24, December 19, 2022

The following words and terms, when used in this subchapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. Additional definitions that apply to this subchapter can be found at 14:3-1.1 and 14:8-1.2.

"Annualized period" means a period of 12 consecutive monthly billing periods. A customer-generator's first annualized period begins on the first day of any single monthly billing period, at the customer's choice. Each customer-generator selects an annualized period under 14:8-4.3.

"Avoided cost of wholesale power" means the average locational marginal price of energy in the applicable utility's transmission zone. This cost can be obtained through the website maintained by PJM Interconnection at

"Customer-generator" means an electricity customer that generates electricity on the customer's side of the meter, using a class I renewable energy source. The Board may deem a pair of entities acting together - that is, a net metering generator and a net metering customer - to constitute one customer-generator for the purpose of net metering.

"Customer-generator facility" means the equipment used by a customer-generator to generate, manage, and/or monitor electricity. A customer-generator facility typically includes an electric generator and/or interconnection equipment that connects the customer-generator facility directly to the customer.

"Net metering customer" means a customer that owns and/or operates electrical wires and/or equipment that is connected to the EDC's electric distribution system through a meter used for net metering. The net metering customer may or may not be the same entity as the net metering generator, and may or may not be located on the same property as the net metering generator.

"Net metering generator" means an entity that owns and/or operates a renewable energy generation facility, the electricity from which is delivered to a net metering customer. The net metering generator may or may not be the same entity as the net metering customer; and may or may not be located on the same property as the net metering customer.

Petition for Rulemaking.
See: 40 N.J.R. 5878(a).
Amended by R.2009 d.68, effective 3/2/2009.
See: 40 N.J.R. 5531(a), 41 N.J.R. 1094(a).
In definition "Annualized period", substituted "any single" for "the first full" and ", at the customer's choice" for "after which the customer-generator's facility is interconnected and is generating electricity"; and in definition "Customer-generator facility", inserted "/or".
Amended by R.2010 d.010, effective 1/4/2010.
See: 41 N.J.R. 2215(a), 42 N.J.R. 78(a).
Section was "Definitions". Deleted definitions "Applicant", "Area network", "Equipment package", "Fault current", "Good utility practice", "IEEE standards", "Interconnection agreement", "Point of common coupling", "Small commercial customer" and "Spot network"; rewrote definition "Customer-generator"; and in definition "Customer-generator facility", deleted a comma following "manage", deleted "package" following the second occurrence of "equipment", and substituted "interconnection" for the second occurrence of "an".
Amended by R.2012 d.107, effective 6/4/2012.
See: 43 N.J.R. 1162(a), 44 N.J.R. 1703(a).
In definition "Annualized period", inserted the last sentence.
Amended by R.2013 d.066, effective 4/15/2013.
See: 44 N.J.R. 2043(a), 45 N.J.R. 942(a).
Rewrote definition "Customer-generator"; in definition "Customer-generator facility", inserted "that connects the customer-generator facility directly to the customer"; and added definitions "Net metering customer" and "Net metering generator".

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