New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules
He - Department of Health and Human Services
Subtitle He-P - Former Division of Public Health Services
Section He-P 814.21 - Sanitation

Universal Citation: NH Admin Rules He-P 814.21

Current through Register No. 12, March 21, 2024

(a) The licensee shall maintain a clean, safe, and sanitary environment throughout the CR licensed premises.

(b) All furniture, floor, ceiling, walls, and fixtures shall be clean, sanitary, and in good repair.

(c) A supply of potable water shall be available for human consumption and food preparation.

(d) A supply of hot and cold running water shall be available at all times and precautions such as temperature regulation shall be taken to prevent a scalding injury to the individuals.

(e) Hot water shall be of a high enough temperature to ensure sanitation and food safety when used for laundry and food preparations.

(f) All individuals' bathing and toileting facilities shall be cleaned and disinfected as often as necessary to prevent illness or contamination.

(g) Cleaning solutions, compounds, and substances considered hazardous or toxic materials, as defined in RSA 147-A:2, VII, shall be distinctly labeled and legibly marked so as to identify the contents and stored in a place separate from food, medications, program supplies, and other cleaning materials.

(h) Toxic materials shall not be used in a way that contaminates food, equipment, or utensils or in any way other than in full compliance with the manufacturer's labeling.

(i) Only professionals authorized under RSA 430:33 may apply pesticides as defined by RSA 430:29, XXVI, for rodent or cockroach control in food storage, food preparation, or dining areas.

(j) Solid waste, garbage, and trash shall be stored in a manner to make in inaccessible to insects and rodents, outdoor animals, and facility pets.

(k) In-house trash and garbage receptacles shall be emptied in a timely manner and lined, or cleaned and disinfected after emptying.

(l) Trash receptacles in food service area shall be covered at all time.

(m) If the CR provides laundry services, the following requirements shall be met:

(1) The laundry room shall be kept separate from kitchen and dining areas;

(2) Clean linen shall be stored in a clean area and separated from soiled linens at all times;

(3) Soiled materials, linens, and clothing shall be transported in a laundry bag, sack, or container and washed in a sanitizing solution used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations; and

(4) Soiled linens and clothing which are considered contaminated with infectious waste under Env-Sw 904 shall be handled as infectious waste.

(n) Laundry rooms and bathrooms shall have non-porous floors.

(o) Sterile or clean supplies shall be stored in dust and moisture-free storage areas and shall not be mixed with soiled supplies.

(p) Any CR that has its own water supply and whose water has been tested and has failed to meet the acceptable levels identified in this section, or as required by the NH department of environmental services, shall notify the NH department of health and human services upon receipt of notice of a failed water test.

(q) Waste water shall be disposed of through a system that meets the requirements of the NH department of environmental services. Sink drains not connected to the sanitary sewer or septic system and similar methods of disposal above ground shall be strictly prohibited.

(r) Tightly fitting screens shall be provided for all doors, windows, or other outside openings, which are kept open during the season when flies, mosquitoes, and other insects are prevalent. Reasonable precautions such as repair of holes and caulking of pipe channels shall be taken to prevent the entrance of rodents and vermin.

#9288, eff 10-3-08

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