Nebraska Administrative Code
Chapter 3 - Permits for Movement of Overweight and/or Overdimensional Vehicles and Loads

Current through March 20, 2024

008.01 A slow moving building/large object (SMB/LO) is defined as a building or large object in excess of legal dimensions for width, length or height, or any combination thereof that must be moved at slow speed, typically at 20 miles per hour or less, on the State Highway System.

008.02 The application for a permit to move a SMB/LO on a State highway shall be made to the District Engineer's Office where the load originates. The owner or mover shall make the application a minimum of five days in advance of the date of the move to provide for review and approval by the District Engineer.

008.03 Large loads that are moving at or near highway speed shall be permitted by a Single Trip Permit.

008.04 A permit will not be issued for the movement of a SMB/LO on a State highway where local roads are available on which to make the move, even though the use of such roads would require a greater travel distance. A permit may be issued on a State highway for a short distance only, such as from the nearest intersecting road to or from a destination or point of origin on a State highway. A local permit may be required for moves on county or city roads. The applicant is responsible for contacting local authorities.

008.05 A permit for the movement of a SMB/LO will not be issued unless the SMB/LO is loaded on equipment having pneumatic tires. Steel, wood or solid rubber tires will not be permitted. The movement of a SMB/LO on skids or pulled by a farm tractor will not be permitted. Any vehicle moving a SMB/LO or object requiring specialized moving dollies shall be escorted by another vehicle or vehicles in the manner determined by the Department. Such vehicles shall travel at a speed which is not in excess of 5 miles per hour when carrying loads which are in excess of the maximum gross weight specified by law by more than 25 percent. The Department shall have the responsibility of prescribing all the conditions of operation at the time the move is to be made. These conditions shall take into consideration traffic volume, road condition, structures, time of day, weather conditions, objects or signs to be removed and replaced, overhead wires, safety to the traveling public, etc. All provisions not specifically set out in these Rules and Regulations shall be stated on the permit and become a part of that permit.

008.06 A permit will not be issued for the movement of a SMB/LO across a bridge unless the width of the SMB/LO is 24 inches less than the distance between the handrails or if the SMB/LO is loaded such that it will clear the top of the rails by not less than 12 inches.

008.07 The mover shall be responsible for checking all overhead vertical clearances and shall make provisions for the raising or removal of overhead wires, cables, etc., sufficiently in advance of the move to eliminate delays to the highway traffic.

008.08 A permit is not required for the crossing of a State highway at a local road intersection. In case of a multiple lane road, sufficient flagmen must be provided to warn all approaching traffic during the crossing and one lane must be kept open to traffic at all times.

008.09 The Department shall require that the applicant moving a SMB/LO, including house moving equipment and dollies, provide a certificate of insurance (ACORD FORM) for public liability and property damage in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 with the Department prior to the move. The certificate must state that 10 days' written notice will be given the Department before cancellation. The Department will require the mover to reimburse the Department for any damages that may be done to the highway system or structures thereon by reason of the movement and also to pay the cost of any expenses for inspection of the move by the Department.

008.10 In case of trees needing trimming due to interference with the move, the District Engineer or his/her designee shall inspect the route and determine the extent of tree trimming needed. No tree trimming shall be allowed without written permission of the District Engineer.

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