Nebraska Administrative Code
Chapter 3 - Permits for Movement of Overweight and/or Overdimensional Vehicles and Loads

Current through March 20, 2024

006.01 Permits may be issued for single trip movement of manufactured housing not exceeding 16 feet in width from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset over specified routes to be designated by the Department subject to all Regulations herein contained and all State and Federal laws or applicable Regulations.

006.02 A permit, if issued, will be valid for a period not to exceed 10 moving days, days on which the move may be made in accordance with these Regulations.

006.03 Before a permit will be issued for the movement of an overdimensional manufactured housing, the towing or hauling unit must have a valid license plate for operation on Nebraska's highways. The mover shall acquire insurance with a company authorized to do business in Nebraska for a Business Automobile Insurance Policy, or equivalent policy (ACORD FORM) of not less than $1,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence. The driver shall carry either the policy, or a card issued by the company showing the company's name, address, amount of insurance, policy number, and expiration date of the policy.

006.04 When towing manufactured housing on a highway outside of the city limits of any incorporated city or town, the minimum speed shall be 35 miles per hour or as posted, except when road conditions or traffic are such that minimum speed cannot be safely maintained. Manufactured housing shall not obstruct traffic while in transit. If traffic backs up behind such a vehicle, the driver shall remove it from the roadway at the earliest opportunity to permit the traffic to pass.

006.05 In case of breakdown, the manufactured housing must be moved off the traveled portion of the highway. In the event that the breakdown is such that the vehicle cannot be moved at once, a flagman must be placed by the mover and kept on duty on the highway 500 feet in each direction from the vehicle until it is moved off the traveled portion of the road.

006.06 No overdimensional manufactured housing or its towing vehicle shall infringe upon the opposite bound lane of a two-lane pavement or overhang an adjoining lane of a multiple-lane pavement, regardless of the width of the lane on which it is traveling, except on a bridge having a width that would require a flagman.

006.07 During the movement of overdimensional manufactured housing, a sign reading "OVERSIZE LOAD" shall be attached to the front of the towing or hauling vehicle, and to the rear of the manufactured housing trailer. Both signs must comply with the requirements of Section 001.22.

006.08 Warning flags not less than 18 inches square shall be displayed on all four corners of an overwidth manufactured housing, being towed, during movement on the highway.

006.09 All overdimensional manufactured housing being towed shall be equipped with red lights on the rear, green or amber reflectors or lights on the front, and electric turn signals and clearance lights as required by the Nebraska Statutes.

006.10 Movement upon a State Highway or Interstate or Defense Highway may be required to be guarded by escort vehicles traveling approximately 300 feet to the front or to the rear or both. Movement on any State highway having a bridge or underpass with a clear roadway width of less than 20 feet shall be guarded with a flagman at the far side of the bridge or underpass to stop oncoming traffic while the manufactured housing is crossing the bridge or underpass.

006.11 Fourteen- or 16-foot-wide manufactured housing may be issued a permit to move on the Interstate or Defense Highway System if their movement is guarded by an escort vehicle, or without an escort vehicle under the following conditions; a flashing or rotating amber or yellow lights shall be mounted on top of the home at the rear in the center of the 14-foot or 16-foot width or an alternate light bar attachment with a right and left-mounted flashing or rotating amber or yellow light mounted on the rear of the towed unit; the lights on the bar shall be located a minimum of 8 feet above the roadway; the flashing or rotating amber or yellow lights shall be of sufficient size to be seen at a distance of not less than 800 feet. If an escort vehicle is required in the movement of manufactured housing on the Interstate or Defense Highway System, the escort vehicle must comply with Section 001.06 of these Rules and Regulations.

006.12 An escort vehicle shall be required to the front of the towing unit in the moving of all 14- and 16-foot-wide manufactured housing on the State Highway System when a permit is required for the movement. The escort vehicle shall comply with Section 001.06 of these Rules and Regulations. The provisions of this rule and regulation shall not apply to manufactured housing in compliance with Section 006.11 moving on the National System of Interstate or Defense Highways or upon four-lane divided State Highways.

006.13 "OVERSIZE LOAD" signs are not to be displayed on the escort vehicle when not escorting a manufactured housing. Flashing or rotating lights are not to be in operation on the escort vehicle when not escorting a manufactured housing. The Department at its discretion, may require an escort vehicle to be used on any highway, bridge thereon or on any size or type of manufactured housing.

006.14 The vehicle used in towing or hauling a manufactured housing shall be a truck or truck-tractor at least 12,000 pounds manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating, shall have dual wheels on the drive axle, and a four-speed transmission or its equivalent. The wheel base of the vehicle shall not be less than 120 inches. If hauling the trailer, the vehicle directly shall be the same but shall be equipped with a fifth wheel mounted directly above the rear axle of the truck-tractor. A ball and socket trailer hitch behind the rear axle will not be considered a fifth wheel.

006.15 The towing vehicle and manufactured housing shall not exceed 16 feet in width excluding approved safety devices on the towing vehicle, nor shall the maximum out-to-out tire width of the manufactured housing exceed 120 inches. All appurtenances extending or protruding beyond the body of a 10-, 12-, 14-, or 16-foot-wide mobile home or modular manufactured housing shall be removed.

006.16 All towing vehicles shall be equipped with power brakes and all trailers shall have brakes on at least four wheels with such brakes being of a type that are controlled from the cab of the towing vehicle and have automatic application in case of breakaway. Trailers manufactured and maintained in conformance with Federal Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards shall be exempt from the requirements of this subsection. The brakes on both the towing unit and the manufactured housing must comply with the requirements, including stopping distance set out in the Nebraska Statutes or by applicable Federal Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards.

006.17 The hauling vehicle and the semi-trailer shall be equipped with power brakes on all wheels and of the type controlled from the cab. The brakes shall comply with the requirements for brakes, including stopping distance required by Nebraska Statutes.

006.18 All serial, HUD or seal numbers, make and model of the overdimensional manufactured housing transported must be shown on the application. All appurtenances, such as steps, awnings, etc., except required safety devices, shall be removed.

006.19 All manufactured housing shall have at least two axles equipped with brakes on at least two wheels, and/or must comply with Federal and State Construction and Safety Standards.

006.20 The combined length of the manufactured housing and the towing vehicle shall not exceed an overall length of 125 feet.

006.21 No permit shall be issued unless a tax certificate from the county where the property is located is presented and shows all taxes due are paid in full, except that no tax certificate shall be required if the movement contemplated is between a manufacturer and a licensed dealer or between two licensed dealers or between a licensed dealer's place of business or storage area and a bona fide customer to whom title to the manufactured housing has passed or does pass within a reasonable time after movement.

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