Administrative Rules of Montana
Department 24 - LABOR AND INDUSTRY
Subchapter 24.111.5 - Licensing and Scope of Practice - Naturopathic Physicians

Universal Citation: MT Admin Rules 24.111.511

Current through Register Vol. 6, March 25, 2022

(1) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer for preventive and therapeutic purposes the drugs listed in this natural substance formulary list as provided for in 37-26-301, MCA.

(2) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer all amino acids and amino acid combinations. The following are examples:

(a) alanine;

(b) arginine;

(c) aspartic acid;

(d) cystine;

(e) glutamic acid;

(f) glycine;

(g) histidine;

(h) hydroxyproline;

(i) isoleucine;

(j) leucine;

(k) levocarnitine;

(l) lysine;

(m) methionine;

(n) N-acetyl cysteine;

(o) phenylalanine;

(p) proline;

(q) serine;

(r) threonine;

(s) tryptophan; and

(t) valine.

(3) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer antimicrobials. Naturally derived examples are:

(a) antifungal agents:
(i) fluconazole;

(ii) gentian violet;

(iii) griseofulvin;

(iv) itraconazole;

(v) ketoconazole for topical use;

(vi) metronidazole;

(vii) nystatin; and

(viii) terninafine;

(b) cephalosporin derivatives:
(i) cefaclor;

(ii) cefadroxil;

(iii) cefdinir;

(iv) cefixime;

(v) cefpodoxime;

(vi) cefprozil;

(vii) ceftibuten;

(viii) ceftriaxone;

(ix) cephradine; and

(x) loracarbef;

(c) erythromycin and its salts:
(i) azithromycin;

(ii) clarithromycin; and

(iii) nitromide;

(d) penicillins:
(i) amoxicillin;

(ii) amoxicillin clavulanate;

(iii) ampicillin;

(iv) cloxacillin;

(v) dicloxacillin;

(vi) penicillin G; and

(vii) penicillin VK;

(e) tetracyclines:
(i) doxycycline;

(ii) minocycline; and

(iii) oxytetracycline;

(f) nitrofuran derivatives:
(i) nitrofurantoin;

(g) sulfonamide derivatives:
(i) sulfamethoxazole; and

(ii) trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole;

(h) quinolones:
(i) ciprofloxacin; and

(ii) levaquin.

(4) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer barrier contraceptives.

(5) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer all botanical extracts and their derivatives -- prescription and nonprescription substances -- as exemplified in traditional botanical and herbal pharmacopeia. These are to be used at accepted therapeutic dosages, which means a dose which by its actions on organs does not impair function or destroy human life. The following are examples:

(a) belladonna;
(i) atropine, atropine sulfate;

(b) carnivora;

(c) cineraria maritima;

(d) codeine salts;

(e) colchicine;

(f) ephedra:
(i) ephedrine; and

(ii) pseudoephedrine;

(g) ergot:
(i) ergonovine;

(ii) ergotamine tartrate; and

(iii) methylergonovine;

(h) glycerrhiza (licorice);

(i) hydrocodone;

(j) hyoscamus:
(i) hyoscyamine sulfate;

(ii) hyoscyamine; and

(iii) scopolamine;

(k) morphine;

(l) nicotine preparations;

(m) oxycodone;

(n) paregoric;

(o) pilocarpine;
(i) physostigmine;

(p) quinine;

(q) rauwolfia serpentina;

(r) salicylate salts;

(s) sarapin;

(t) theophylline;

(u) thiosinimum;

(v) tramadol;

(w) viscum album:
(i) iscador; and

(ii) iscucin; and

(x) yohimbine HCL.

(6) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer electrolytes and fluid replacement. The following are examples:

(a) dextrose solutions;

(b) lactated Ringer's solution;

(c) Ringer's solution;

(d) saline solutions; and

(e) sterile water for injection.

(7) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer expectorants and mucolytics. The following are examples:

(a) acetyl cysteine;

(b) guaiacol;

(c) iodinated glycerol; and

(d) potassium iodide.

(8) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer enzyme, digestive, and proteolytic preparations. The following are examples:

(a) amylase;

(b) chymotrypsin;

(c) hyaluronidase;

(d) lipase;

(e) pancreatin;

(f) pancrelipase;

(g) papain;

(h) secretin; and

(i) trypsin.

(9) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer homeopathic preparations - all prescription and nonprescription remedies.

(10) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer hormones. The following are examples:

(a) adrenal:
(i) adrenal cortical extract;

(ii) cortisol;

(iii) cortisone;

(iv) DHEA;

(v) epinephrine;

(vi) pregnenolone; and

(vii) prednisone;

(b) calcitonin;

(c) glucogon;

(d) gonadal:
(i) estrogens:
(A) conjugated estrogens;

(B) estradiol;

(C) estriol;

(D) estrone;

(E) estropipate;

(F) ethynyl estradiol;

(G) mestranol; and

(H) quinestrol;

(ii) progesterones:
(A) medroxyprogesterone acetate;

(B) norenthindrone and salts;

(C) progesterones; and

(D) progestogens; and

(iii) testosterone and its salts;

(e) insulin;

(f) pituitary hormones:
(i) ACTH;

(g) thymus; and

(h) thyroid USP:
(i) levothyroxine; and

(ii) liothyronine;

(i) thyroglobulin USP.

(11) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer liver preparations. The following is an example:

(a) trinsicon.

(12) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer all prescription and nonprescription minerals, trace metals and their derivatives. The following are examples:

(a) boron;

(b) calcium compounds;

(c) calciumedetate sodium;

(d) copper compounds;

(e) fluoride compounds;

(f) iodine:
(i) potassium iodide; and

(ii) niacinamide hydroiodide;

(g) iron salts;

(h) magnesium compounds;

(i) potassium compounds;

(j) silver nitrate; and

(k) trace mineral compounds:
(i) chromium;

(ii) selenium;

(iii) molybdenum;

(iv) vanadium; and

(v) zinc compounds.

(13) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and dispense the following miscellaneous drugs:

(a) albuterol;

(b) anticoagulants:
(i) heparin; and

(ii) warfarin;

(c) bile salts and acids:
(i) chenodiol;

(ii) cholic acid;

(iii) chenodeoxycholic acid;

(iv) dehydrocholic acid;

(v) ursodeoxycholic acid; and

(vi) ursodiol;

(d) biological agents:
(i) urea; and

(ii) bee venom;

(e) botox cosmetic;

(f) digestive aids:
(i) betaine HCL; and

(ii) glutamic HCL agents;


(h) juvederm;

(i) lisinopril;

(j) metformin;

(k) misoprostol;

(l) oxygen;

(m) pyridium and pyridium plus;

(n) salicylic acid; and

(o) vaccines.

(14) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer vitamins, including all prescription and nonprescription vitamin preparations and their derivatives. The following are examples:

(a) ascorbic acid (vitamin C);

(b) biotin;

(c) cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12):
(i) hydroxocobalamin, including intrinsic factor;

(d) folic acid;

(e) niacin (vitamin B3);

(f) pantothenic acid (vitamin B5):
(i) dexpanthenol;

(g) phosphatidylcholine;

(h) pyridoxine (vitamin B6);

(i) riboflavin (vitamin B2);

(j) thiamin (vitamin B1);

(k) vitamin A:
(i) betacarotene and derivatives;

(l) vitamin D:
(i) calcitrol;

(ii) cacifediol;

(iii) dovonex; and

(iv) ergocalciferol;

(m) vitamin E; and

(n) vitamin K:
(i) menadiol.

(15) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer childbirth preparations. The following are examples:

(a) methergine;

(b) pitocin - IM injection;

(c) Rh immune globulin; and

(d) triple dye.

(16) Naturopathic physicians may prescribe and administer topical medicines. The following are examples:

(a) debridement/escharotic agents:
(i) podophyllum resin;

(ii) podofilox 0.5 percent solution;

(iii) urea cream 40 percent; and

(iv) trichloralacitate (TCA);

(b) miscellaneous topical agents:
(i) selenium sulfide; and

(ii) hydrocortisone;

(c) salicylic acid;

(d) scabicides and pediculoses - lindane, permethrin or whichever agent is the current recommended treatment for these infections;

(e) topical antibiotics:
(i) silver sulfadiazine cream; and

(ii) mupirocin;

(f) topical and local anesthetics:
(i) ethyl chloride spray;

(ii) fluro-ethyl spray;

(iii) fluro-methane spray;

(iv) lidocaine HCL; and

(v) procaine HCL.

(17) The licensed pharmacist member of the formulary committee formed pursuant to 37-26-301, MCA, shall serve on the committee for a four-year term unless the pharmacist resigns, or is replaced by vote of the board.

Mont. Admin. R. 24.111.511

NEW, 1998 MAR p. 529, Eff. 2/27/98; TRANS, from Commerce, 2001 MAR p. 1642; AMD, 2005 MAR p. 745, Eff. 5/13/05; AMD, 2008 MAR p. 1033, Eff. 5/23/08; AMD, 2012 MAR p. 1360, Eff. 7/13/12; AMD, 2014 MAR p. 2120, Eff. 9/19/14; AMD,2018 MAR p. 976, Eff.5/12/2018

AUTH: 37-1-131, 37-26-201, MCA; IMP: 37-1-131, 37-26-301, MCA

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