Missouri Code of State Regulations
Division 400 - Life, Annuities and Health
Chapter 5 - Advertising and Material Disclosures
Section 20 CSR 400-5.600 - Missouri Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association

Current through Register Vol. 48, No. 18, September 15, 2023

PURPOSE: This amendment updates the name and mailing address for the Missouri Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, and implements changes made to the Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act by House Bill 1690 (Mo. Laws 2018).

PURPOSE: This rule sets forth the forms for use in connection with the sale of policies or contracts which either are or are not covered by the Missouri Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association.




This notice provides a brief summary of the Missouri Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association ("the Association") and the protection it provides for policyholders. This safety net was created under Missouri law, which determines who and what is covered and the amounts of coverage

The Association was established to provide protection in the unlikely event that your life, annuity, or health insurance company becomes financially unable to meet its obligations and is taken over by its insurance department. If this should happen, the Association will typically arrange to continue coverage and pay claims, in accordance with Missouri law, with funding from assessments paid by other insurance companies. (For purposes of this notice, the terms "insurance company" and "insurer" include health maintenance organizations (HMOs).)

The basic protections provided by the Association are as follows:

* Life Insurance

* $300,000 in death benefits, but not more than $100,000 in net cash surrender and net cash withdrawal values

* Health Insurance

* $500,000 for health benefit plans

* $300,000 in disability insurance benefits

* $300,000 in long-term care insurance benefits

* $100,000 in other types of health insurance benefits

* Annuities

* $250,000 in the present value of annuity benefits, including net cash surrender and net cash withdrawal values

The maximum amount of protection for each individual, regardless of the number of policies or contracts, is as follows:

* $300,000 in aggregate for all types of coverage listed above, with the exception of health benefit plans

* $500,000 in aggregate for health benefit plans

* $5,000,000 to one policy owner of multiple nongroup policies of life insurance, whether the policy owner is an individual, firm, corporation, or other person, and whether the persons insured are officers, managers, employees, or other persons

"Health benefit plan" is defined in section 376.718, RSMo.

Note: Certain policies and contracts may not be covered or fully covered. For example, coverage does not extend to any portion(s) of a policy or contract that the insurer does not guarantee, such as certain investment additions to the account value of a variable life insurance policy or a variable annuity contract. There are also various residency requirements and other limitations under Missouri law.

Benefits provided by a long-term care (LTC) rider to a life insurance policy or annuity contract will be considered the same type of benefits as the basic life insurance policy or annuity contract to which it relates.

To learn more about the above protections, as well as protections relating to group contracts or retirement plans, please visit the Association's website at www.mo-iga.org, or contact:

Missouri Life and Health Missouri Department of Commercel
Insurance Guaranty Association Institutions and Professional Registration
2210 Missouri Boulevard 301 West High Street, Room 530
Jefferson City, Missouri 65109 Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
Ph.: 573-634-8455 Ph.: 573-522-6115
Fax: 573-634-8488

Insurance companies and agents are not allowed by Missouri law to use the existence of the Association or its coverage to encourage you to purchase any form of insurance or HMO coverage. When selecting an insurance company, you should not rely on Association coverage. If there is any inconsistency between this notice and Missouri law, then Missouri law will control.

AUTHORITY: section 374.045.1(2), RSMo Supp. 2013, and section 376.756, RSMo 2000.* This rule was previously filed as 4 CSR 190-13.290. Original rule filed Sept. 6, 1988, effective April 1, 1989. Amended: Filed Dec. 1, 1989, effective May 1, 1990. Emergency amendment filed April 30, 1990, effective May 10, 1990, expired Aug. 7, 1990. Amended: Filed April 30, 1990, effective Sept. 28, 1990. Amended: Filed Aug. 4, 1992, effective May 6, 1993. Amended: Filed July 12, 2002, effective Jan. 30, 2003. Amended: Filed July 29, 2005, effective Feb. 28, 2006. Amended: Filed Oct. 10, 2013, effective April 30, 2014. Amended: Filed Jan. 22, 2016, effective Aug. 30, 2016. Non-substantive change filed Sept. 11 , 2019, published Oct. 31 , 2019.

Amended by Missouri Register December 1, 2020/Volume 45, Number 23, effective 1/29/2021

*Original authority: 374.045, RSMo 1967, amended 1993, 1995, 2008 and 376.756, RSMo1988.

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