Minnesota Administrative Rules
Pollution Control Agency

Universal Citation: MN Rules 7037.2700
Subpart 1. In general.

An owner or operator shall sample the soil following the spreading and incorporation of a batch of petroleum contaminated soil in accordance with the practices of subparts 2 to 4. The monitoring information that must be submitted to the commissioner is given in subpart 5.

Subp. 2. Sampling procedures.

Soil samples must be composite samples collected within a plot from the surface to a depth of eight inches using the procedures described in part 7037.3400. The minimum number of composite samples collected from the upper eight inches is based on the volume of the batch of petroleum contaminated soil actually spread and must follow the table in part 7037.2900, subpart 1, item A.

Subp. 3. Frequency of sampling.

Monitoring of a plot in the year of spreading must be done at the times specified in the following table, until all soil analytical results in a single sampling round are ten parts per million total petroleum hydrocarbons or less.

Soil Spreading Date Soil Sampling in First Calendar Year
Before July 1 Once in August and once in October
July 1 to September 15 Once in October
After September 15 None

Monitoring in subsequent years must continue for those plots in which all soil analytical results are not ten parts per million total petroleum hydrocarbons or less. These sampling events must be done in June, August, and October.

Subp. 4. Analysis.

Soil samples must be analyzed for total petroleum hydrocarbons, according to the methods under part 7037.3100, subpart 2, item C or D. The owner or operator shall analyze for additional compounds if requested by the commissioner. The commissioner shall request analysis for additional compounds if the commissioner determines that additional analysis is necessary to protect the public health and environment.

Subp. 5. Submittal of monitoring information.

Within 30 days of receipt of laboratory results for the soil samples, the owner or operator shall submit the information specified in items A to F to the commissioner on a form prescribed by the commissioner:

A. name, business name, address, and telephone number for the following persons:

(1) the owner;

(2) the operator; and

(3) the person or persons who completed the submitted information;

B. legal description of the approved land treatment site, including quarter section, section, township, range, town or city name, and county;

C. the generator, business name, address, and county for the release site from which the petroleum contaminated soil originated;

D. agency release site identification number, if the release is from a petroleum storage tank;

E. soil management practices since the spreading of the soil or the most recent monitoring event. This includes either documentation of the crops that were planted and the seeding date or a list of the dates that tillage was done; and

F. analytical results for soil samples taken, including copies of laboratory reports and chain of custody forms.

Subp. 6. Local government notification.

An applicant shall furnish a copy of the information required in subpart 5 to the appropriate local government officials listed under part 7037.1200, subpart 3, at the same time or prior to submittal of the information to the commissioner.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 116.07


17 SR 2914

Published Electronically:

November 3, 1998

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