Code of Maryland Regulations
Chapter 14.26.03 - Maryland Energy Efficiency Standards - Definitions

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A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

B. Terms Defined.

(1) "Act" means the Energy Efficiency Standards Act.

(2) "Administration" means the Maryland Energy Administration.

(3) Commercial Refrigeration Cabinet.

(a) "Commercial refrigeration cabinet" means a refrigerator, freezer, or refrigerator-freezer, designed by the manufacturer for the purpose of storing food products, ice, or other perishable items at specified temperatures, which may be configured with either solid or transparent doors as a:

(i) Reach-in cabinet;

(ii) Pass-through cabinet;

(iii) Roll-in cabinet; or

(iv) Roll-through cabinet.

(b) "Commercial refrigeration cabinet" does not include a:

(i) Product with 85 cubic feet or more of internal volume;

(ii) Walk-in refrigerator or walk-in freezer;

(iii) Consumer product regulated under the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1987 (Public Law 100-12); or

(iv) Refrigerator, freezer, or refrigerator-freezer designed and marketed exclusively for medical, scientific, or research purposes.

(4) "Distributor of new products" means a person:

(a) Whose primary business is the wholesale distribution of commercial goods for resale;

(b) Who maintains an inventory of commercial goods for resale;

(c) Who has the right to sell or distribute commercial goods in Maryland for resale to retailers or other resellers or to an industrial or commercial manufacturer; and

(d) Who conducts substantial business in Maryland.

(5) "Installer" means a person engaged in the attachment of a product that the installer has either purchased or been contracted to attach to a structure by means of the electrical, plumbing, or ventilation systems.

(6) "Large packaged air-conditioning equipment" means packaged air-conditioning equipment with at least 20 tons, but not more than 80 tons, of cooling capacity.

(7) Low-Voltage Dry-Type Distribution Transformer.

(a) "Low-voltage dry-type distribution transformer" means a distribution transformer that:

(i) Has an input voltage of 600 volts or less;

(ii) Is air-cooled; and

(iii) Does not use oil as a coolant.

(b) "Low-voltage dry-type distribution transformer" does not include any of the following transformers:

(i) An autotransformer in which the primary and secondary windings are not electronically isolated and at least a portion of the secondary voltage is derived from the primary winding;

(ii) A drive transformer designed only to provide power to operate an electronic variable speed motor drive;

(iii) A grounding transformer designed only to provide a system ground reference point;

(iv) A harmonic transformer designed to supply a load with a higher than normal harmonic current level and that has a k-rating of k-4 or greater;

(v) An impedance transformer that has a specified impedance of less than 4 percent or greater than 8 percent;

(vi) A machine tool transformer designed only to provide power to machine tool equipment;

(vii) A rectifier transformer designed to provide power only to a rectifier circuit and that has a nameplate rating for both the fundamental frequency power rating and the root mean square (rms) power rating;

(viii) A regulating transformer with automatic tap changers;

(ix) A sealed and nonventilating transformer designed to prevent airflow through the transformer;

(x) A testing transformer designed only as part of, or to supply power to, electrical test equipment;

(xi) A ups transformer designed only as an integral part of an uninterruptible power system; or

(xii) A welding transformer designed only to provide power to welding equipment.

(8) "Manufacturer of new product" means a person who makes new products by hand or machinery.

(9) "Maryland business" means a corporation organized under the laws of the State.

(10) "Maryland consumer" means an individual who:

(a) Is solicited to purchase, or who purchases for personal, family, or household purposes; and

(b) Resides in Maryland.

(11) "New product" means any manufactured good at the time when it is sold for consumption or use other than resale, further processing, or manufacture for the first time.

(12) "Packaged air-conditioning equipment" means air-conditioning equipment that is built as a package and shipped as a whole to end-user sites.

(13) "Pass-through cabinet" means a commercial refrigerator or commercial freezer with hinged or sliding doors on both the front and rear of the refrigerator or freezer.

(14) Reach-in cabinet.

(a) "Reach-in cabinet" means a commercial refrigerator, freezer, or refrigerator-freezer with hinged or sliding doors or lids.

(b) "Reach-in cabinet" does not include a roll-in or roll-through cabinet or a pass-through cabinet.

(15) "Retailer" means a person engaged in the business of making retail sales within the State.

(16) "Roll-in cabinet" means a commercial refrigerator or freezer with hinged or sliding doors that allow wheeled racks of product to be rolled into the refrigerator or freezer.

(17) "Roll-through cabinet" means a commercial refrigerator or freezer with hinged or sliding doors that allows wheeled racks of product to be rolled through the refrigerator or freezer.

(18) "Transformer" means a device consisting essentially of two or more coils of insulated wire that transfers alternating current by electromagnetic induction from one coil to another in order to change the original voltage or current value.

(19) Unit Heater.

(a) "Unit heater" means a self-contained fan-type heater that:

(i) Is designed to be installed within the heated space; and

(ii) Includes an apparatus or appliance to supply heat and a fan for circulating air over a heat exchange surface, all enclosed in a common casing.

(b) "Unit heater" does not include a warm air furnace as defined under the Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 (42 U.S.C. ยง 6311(11)(a)).

(20) "Widely available in Maryland" means a conforming product available in the State from three or more manufacturers.

(Regulations .03 adopted effective June 19, 2006 (33:12 Md. R. 998))
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