Code of Maryland Regulations
Chapter 11.04.04 - Oversize and Overweight Vehicles-Escort Vehicles, Signing, and Lighting
Section - Private Escort - Equipment and Responsibilities

Universal Citation: MD Code Reg

Current through Register Vol. 49, No. 20, September 23, 2022

A. Communication. All private escort drivers and the permit driver shall be equipped with a two-way radio. The drivers shall maintain constant communication except for intermittent interruptions which may be caused by the terrain or atmospheric conditions, or directed by posting as in blasting areas.

B. Lighting.

(1) A private escort vehicle shall have at least one oscillating or rotating roof light, yellow in color, at least 3 inches in diameter and visible to the front and rear.

(2) Headlights of the escort and escorted vehicle shall be illuminated while conducting the move.

(3) Simultaneously flashing hazard warning lamps shall be used by the operator of a permit vehicle when the vehicle is traveling 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit.

C. An escort vehicle shall display a sign as specified in Regulation .01 of this chapter.

D. Position.

(1) Escort vehicles shall travel not more than 300 feet to the front or rear of the escorted vehicle and not closer to the escorted vehicle than is reasonable and prudent under prevailing speed and weather conditions.

(2) When one escort vehicle is required, it shall follow the escorted vehicle on any highway with two or more lanes in one direction, and it shall precede the escorted vehicle on any highway with only one lane in each direction. When transitioning from a multilane to a two-way highway, every effort shall be made for the escort vehicle to precede the escorted vehicle prior to entering the single lane portion of the highway.

(3) When a pole vehicle escort is required, the pole vehicle shall precede the escorted vehicle at a distance sufficient to adequately warn the escorted vehicle of an overhead obstruction.

(4) When two escort vehicles are required, one shall follow and the other shall precede the escorted vehicle.

E. Responsibilities.

(1) The purpose of an escort vehicle is to enhance safety by alerting the traveling public to the presence or approach of a permit vehicle and to reduce delays to the normal flow of traffic.

(2) The escort driver reviews the route and any special requirements or instructions with the permit driver. The permit driver, together with the escort driver, assures that signs are secured, lights are turned on and working, and two-way radios are working and appropriate channel selected.

(3) The front escort warns oncoming traffic of the presence of the permit vehicle, assists the permit driver to assure the permit route is being followed, and by radio notifies the permit driver of narrow structures, hazards, obstructions, pedestrians, and other potential problems that would affect the safe movement of the load and the traveling public.

(4) The rear escort warns approaching traffic of the presence of the permit vehicle, notifies the permit driver of flat tires and objects coming loose, and notifies front escort and permit driver of traffic buildup and motorists attempting to pass.

Regulations .04 adopted effective August 1, 1984 (11:15 Md. R. 1332)
Regulation .04 amended effective October 23, 1995 (22:21 Md. R. 1616); March 22, 2010 (37:6 Md. R. 479)
Regulation .04B, D amended effective February 1, 1998 (25:2 Md. R. 76)

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