Code of Maryland Regulations
Chapter 09.12.66 - Inflatable Amusement Attractions - Location and Operation

Universal Citation: MD Code Reg Location and Operation

A. Assembly and Disassembly.

(1) The assembly and disassembly of an inflatable amusement attraction shall be performed:

(a) In accordance with the manufacturer's procedures and specifications; and

(b) Using only manufacturer specified components, fasteners, tools, replacement parts, and materials.

(2) During assembly, parts shall be closely inspected to discover excessively worn or damaged parts.

B. Location.

(1) Placement of the inflatable amusement attraction at the location where it is to be operated shall ensure that:

(a) The inflatable amusement attraction will be on a level and stable surface;

(b) The inflatable amusement attraction is compliant with manufacturer specifications;

(c) There is continuous pedestrian traffic flow; and

(d) It is accessible by emergency personnel.

(2) Tie-Downs.

(a) Tie-downs and anchors used to support an inflatable amusement attraction may not create a tripping or impalement hazard.

(b) The immediate area surrounding the inflatable amusement attraction shall be clear of:

(i) Trees and shrubs, if they pose a hazard;

(ii) Trash; and

(iii) Other tripping hazards including, but not limited to, pot holes.

C. Clearances.

(1) Except for equipment required for operation of the inflatable amusement attraction, there shall be side and overhead clearances of at least 48 inches between an inflatable amusement attraction and any other object.

(2) Except for conductors supplying power to the device, an inflatable amusement attraction may not operate under or within 15 feet of any power lines.

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