Code of Maryland Regulations
Chapter 09.12.52 - Industrialized Buildings and Manufactured Homes - Manufactured Home Procedures

Universal Citation: MD Code Reg Manufactured Home Procedures

A. General. The Federal Act gives the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) complete jurisdiction over the design and construction of manufactured homes, effective June 15, 1976. The Federal Act supersedes all state laws on this subject. All manufactured home units manufactured after the effective date of the Federal Act shall bear the HUD label to be lawfully sold anywhere in the United States.

B. Authority of the Department. The Department is a State Administrative Agency pursuant to the Federal Act, authorized to administer and enforce the federal program in the State. The powers and responsibilities of the Department are set forth in Public Safety Article, § 12-312, Annotated Code of Maryland.

C. Manufactured Homes Not Bearing HUD Label. A person may not sell or offer for sale to the first user in Maryland any manufactured home that is manufactured after January 1, 1973, unless it bears the insignia of the Department or is certified and labeled under the Federal Act.

D. Repealed.

E. Manufactured Home Installation.

(1) Stabilizing devices for manufactured homes bearing HUD labels shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions provided with the unit pursuant to § 3280.306 of the federal Regulations .

(2) When the information for stabilizing device materials is not provided in the manufacturer's installation instructions, the materials shall be as approved by the local enforcement agency.

(3) When a manufactured home is located in an area subjected to frost heave, the footings and load-carrying portion of the ground anchors shall extend below the frost line or as per the requirements established by the local enforcement agency.

F. Enforcement Generally. Enforcement shall be in accordance with the Federal Regulations, codified at 24 CFR Part 3282, Subpart G.

G. Enforcement in Localities.

(1) Manufactured homes bearing the HUD label shall be acceptable in all localities as meeting the requirements of the Act, and shall be acceptable as meeting the requirements of safety to life, health, and property imposed by any local enforcement agency in this State without further investigation, testing, or inspection.

(2) Notwithstanding § G(1) of this regulation, local enforcement agencies are responsible for the following functions with respect to manufactured homes bearing the HUD labels:

(a) Verification that the unit has not been damaged in transit;

(b) Verification that the unit bears the HUD label and all other pertinent documents, including consumer manuals, installation manuals, and record of purchase cards provided with the unit pursuant to the Federal Regulations;

(c) Inspection and verification to assure that the unit is installed in accordance with these regulations; and

(d) Inspection of manufactured home alteration and add-ons to ensure that they do not cause a failure of the manufactured home to conform with the Federal Regulations .

(3) Local enforcement agencies may enforce local requirements for zoning, fire limits or fire districts, utility connections, site preparation and issuance of all required permits.

(4) Action Upon Violation.

(a) When the local enforcement agencies find violations of the Federal Regulations concerning construction of the manufactured homes, they shall forward notice of these violations to the Department.

(b) When damage is discovered or suspected, local enforcement agencies may require tests on plumbing, fuel burning, and electrical systems to determine the extent of damage.

(c) If it is determined that manufactured home installations, alterations, or add-ons are not in accordance with this chapter, local enforcement agencies are responsible for ensuring that the unit is brought into compliance. Local enforcement agencies may refer apparent violations of this chapter to the appropriate State's attorney for enforcement of the Act.

H. Restrictions on Distributors and Dealers.

(1) Alterations. A distributor or dealer may not perform or cause to be performed any alteration affecting any requirements of the Federal Regulations, without approval of the local enforcement agency. In handling and approving dealer requests for alterations, the local enforcement agency may be assisted by the Department.

(2) Prohibited Sale. A distributor or dealer may not offer for sale any manufactured home containing any violation of the Federal Act or Federal Regulations .

(Regulation .15 recodified from effective 46:6 Md. R. 345, eff. 3/25/2019)
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