Code of Maryland Regulations
Chapter 09.12.52 - Industrialized Buildings and Manufactured Homes - Fees

Universal Citation: MD Code Reg Fees

A. The annual application fee is $500. When a manufacturer has more than one plant producing approved models, an additional $500 application fee for each additional plant, with details on each plant as part of the quality control manuals, will be required.

B. When a design is unusual, and involves special analysis, the Department will also charge a rate of $25 per man-hour to cover its added costs. When practical, the Department will estimate costs before submittal and provide a report on hourly activities. If the complexity or sophistication of the system requires, or if the applicant so chooses, the Department may submit the plan for the system to an approved independent testing agency or consulting engineer for evaluation. In this case, the applicant will be required to pay whatever costs the agency may charge. If the applicant chooses to obtain prior analysis by an approved testing agency before submission, the Secretary will consider this in determining the charges to be made by the Department. However, test reports from the approved agency shall be submitted with the original application.

C. State Insignia Fees.

(1) Insignia fees for the certification of industrialized building construction at the manufacturing facility are as follows:

(a) Residential structures-$50 for each insignia;

(b) Other structures-$90 for each insignia.

(2) The number of "insignias of approval" required are as follows:

(a) Modular construction-one insignia for each individual module which is transported in a separate frame to the site;

(b) Panelized closed construction-one insignia for each increment (or part of it) of 1,000 square feet of building floor area.

(3) For residential structures, instead of the $50 insignia fee described in § C(1)(a) and (2)(a) of this regulation, the manufacturer, at the time of filing of a new or annual application with the Department, may elect a $65 insignia fee for a floor area of 1,200 square feet or less, plus an additional $65 insignia fee for each increment of 500 square feet, or part of it, over 1,200 square feet.

D. The Department reserves the right to establish separate fees where the product is produced in such a volume or has unique features that would, in the Department's opinion, warrant individual consideration.

E. When the Department is directly providing services for plan review and monitoring for factory operations and quality assurance programs:

(1) Plan review-$25 per hour ($100 minimum fee);

(2) Inspection fees and field services as in § F.

F. Inspection fees and field services per man-hour:

(1) $10 per half man-hour, including travel time.

(2) Travel Expense. Where travel by auto is used to make inspections, cost will be charged at the current State allowance for mileage, meals and lodging, incidental expenses, and car rental where applicable. For air travel, the fee will be the total travel cost based on published air fare, or equivalent rate, between Baltimore, Maryland and the location of the factory, plus necessary supplemental surface transportation, and reimbursement for food and lodging consistent with State allowances.

G. When the Department is directly providing services for monitoring of industrialized building installation at sites, the fee for these services will be $20 per hour, including travel time ($50 minimum fee).

H. Unannounced Inspection Fees. The cost of unannounced inspections as provided by Regulation .09D may be charged to the manufacturer. The fee for these inspections will be as prescribed in § F, above. The minimum fee will be $100.

I. Application Fee for Approved Testing Facilities.

(1) Each testing facility requesting approval by the Secretary shall submit a fee of $100 with its application. This fee will be non-returnable.

(2) Each approved testing facility shall file an annual request for renewal of its approval, accompanied by a non-returnable fee of $100. This request shall include information concerning changes in personnel, operating procedures, and any other matters pertinent to its capability to continue performing as an approved testing facility.

(3) Each application for approval or renewal shall be accompanied by a list of all current clients for whom they are performing services as a State approved testing facility, showing the location of and estimated production capacity of each plant of each client. A fee of $50 per client shall be submitted with the application for approval or renewal. The names of additional clients added during the period of approval shall be submitted at the time that a contract for services is signed, accompanied by a payment of $50 per client. No returns will be made for clients that sever their contractual relationship during the approval period.

(Regulation .12 recodified from effective 46:6 Md. R. 345, eff. 3/25/2019)
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